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   Chapter 58 Bursting Into Tears

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Unimaginable things had happened within the last eight years. It turned out, committing the same mistakes was not a good idea.

"Mand, stop crying. Seeing you cry is killing me," Daniel said. "I hate it, the distance between us. I miss seeing your face close to me, beaming with radiance," he continued. Feeling sad, Daniel stretched out his hand in an attempt to touch Mandy's face, which seemed so close to him. As his hand got closer, he was woken up by the coldness of the glass between them. Thinking that he couldn't caress Mandy's cheeks ever again made Daniel reevaluate his whole life. He smiled bitterly as he thought about his life.

Daniel's loving eyes pierced straight into Mandy. It reminded her of the days when they were crazily in love with each other. 'He used to look at me like that, ' Mandy thought, and the memories made her burst into tears.

"Tell me, Daniel, why have you done this? I still can't believe it," she wailed. "I just want to know why you did it." Mandy was having a breakdown, slamming the glass over and over. In order to put her mind to rest, she clutched her hands and forced him to tell the truth.

She was confused. She knew he didn't love her anymore, but why did Daniel keep showing signs that he still loved her? Everything felt so ridiculous.

Daniel kept telling her to glow like the sunshine. But how could she smile after those things had happened? For Mandy, it felt like she was trapped inside a mysterious maze, and she had no idea how and when she could get out of it.

All her life, sunshine would always win over gloomy storms. This time, however, the storm would not go away, and it felt that the storm was slowly sucking out her soul.

The guards noticed Mandy's nervous breakdown and took her away from the glass. Knowing what they should do whenever something like this happens, the guards assisted her to sit down and relax on a chair. Once the visiting time was over, Daniel was taken away without notifying either him or Mandy. Tears streamed down on Mandy's cheeks.

Mandy felt that she was being eaten alive. Not only because Daniel had ended up behind bars nor because he had lied to her. She was feeling miserable because it was no longer possible to spend their whole life together the way they had planned it. Mandy felt that a part of her life had been completely ruined.

Many years later, Nathan would say to her that it was human nature for people to tell lies, especially in dire times. But Mandy did not give in to this thought at this moment, especially seeing Daniel so miserable. After all, she could only show Daniel some sympathy.

It took Mandy quite a while to pick herself up and walk out of the police station. She was slightly depressed, quite different from how she had arrived at the police station. Her face was flushed red, and her nose flared as she decided to get to the bottom of everything, and finally understand


"Yes, they do. I only found out about this a few days ago. They were childhood friends. They lived next door to each other back then," Fiona explained. She didn't want to tell anyone before, but bumping into him made it impossible to keep it from Tina.

"It's so weird to watch a movie with our teacher. I feel like this isn't real!" Tina exclaimed. Bruce was the headteacher in their school. He seldom smiled at school and always wore a long face. Most of the students were actually afraid of him. Fiona and Tina even doubted that they would ever see him smile.

"He's a really nice person, and he's always caring about other people," Fiona said, trying to calm Tina down.

After the movie, Bruce offered for them to have dinner together. Mandy wanted to refuse Bruce's offer, but finally, she opted not to do so. After all, it had been a long time since they had known each other and there were a lot of old times to catch up on. Also, Tina and Fiona were eager to go. They wanted to know their teacher outside the school setting.

Bruce asked what Mandy, Fiona, and Tina wanted before ordering as a true gentleman would.

"Fiona, could you accompany me to the lady's room?" Tina asked Fiona, discreetly winking at her.

Fiona got the signal, Tina was about to say something to her. "All right. Let's go," she replied, and the two of them stood up together.

Bruce and Mandy chuckled at Tina and Fiona, who were both hopping towards the lady's washroom. "Those girls. They always gossip in the washroom," Bruce said.

"Fiona is very popular in school. Many of my students like her, as far as I know," he added, stressing the last few words.

"Really?" Mandy exclaimed, not pleased with the thought at all. Her eyes looked serious all of a sudden. She was afraid that her worries were coming true. Boys would definitely affect Fiona's studies. In Mandy's mind, she wouldn't allow her sister to date at such an early age.

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