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   Chapter 57 Mand, I'm Sorry

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Mandy was expressionless; her voice was odd and extremely cold. She talked to Daniel as if they did not know each other from three years ago.

"I know you hate me, but I'm going to die. Will you talk to me for the last time?" It felt like Daniel was begging for her agreement.

"I'm not heartless, but this will be the last time," said Mandy, gnashing her teeth. She just agreed to meet Daniel to get over the situation.

"Thank you, Mand." Regret resounded in Daniel's voice. Mandy sensed it, too.

Mandy was lost in thought again after she talked to Daniel. She used to be so familiar with his voice, but now, it felt like it came from a distance. She rested her head on the chair, remembering their meet-up.

Mandy reminisced on how Daniel had betrayed her on Valentine's Day. If not for that time, she wouldn't have met Nathan, and the Zhou Family wouldn't have suffered a lot. Everything would still be the same.

However, fate had decided!

She couldn't help but think of all the changes that had happened to her and Daniel. 'Daniel has changed. I have changed, too. Everything has changed.'

Mandy and Daniel never encountered any problems in their relationship. They got along well, and everyone thought they would end up walking down the aisle. She never thought that they would have to go on separate ways one day.

It felt like yesterday was just a dream. That sweet dream had ended, and Mandy was now completely awake, and reality had hit her hard.

Suddenly, Mandy missed the good, old days when she lived a simpler yet happier life. Daniel used to bring her breakfast every day. He used to wait for her downstairs every day at 7:30 p.m. without fail. They had studied together in Britain. They weren't in the same class, so Daniel would take her to her classroom first by riding a bicycle. After class, he would also be the first one to finish his classes and would wait for her at the door of her classroom.

Her classmates had been jealous of her. They had said that Mandy was lucky to have Daniel as a boyfriend.

In this fast-paced world, to be in love for one or two months was not a big deal. But what Mandy and Daniel had was a fruitful relationship that lasted for two years. Mandy had even thought it could last forever.

It was pretty obvious that Mandy's past memories still lingered in her head. She missed the past, but what would she do if she could go back to her past? People often forgot that the past was not always beautiful. In fact, people often revisited their past with regret and not with a smile.

Mandy hadn't realized that fact until t

r be fooled by you again. From now on, let us be strangers." Mandy's words cut deep, words that only a woman who was made a fool of could utter. Mandy sniffed. She couldn't cry!

"Mand, I know you hate me, and I know how despicable I am right now. Live your life happily in the future while I pay for my sins here in prison. Maybe I am asking for too much, but I just hope that you can forgive me when the time comes," Daniel desperately said. He knew he was wrong, but this was the only chance he would get to beg for forgiveness.

"Don't worry. I will not ruin my life because of a useless and insignificant man." Mandy looked away swiftly, her heart shattering into pieces.

With a faint smile, Daniel said in low voice, "I thought we both need closure. I guess this is it. Mand, just forget me completely and then start a new life."

"Ha! Of course," Mandy sneered, and tears started to well up in her eyes. She tried her best to contain her emotions. "How many years will you stay in prison?" Her voice was cracking.

"Eight years according to my lawyer." He smiled lightly. He did not know what the next years would be like, but he wanted to cherish today and this time that he saw Mandy again.

Eight years was not that long. How many eight years could a lifetime have? But for the rest of his stay in prison, he was sure he would remember this day when the girl he loved so much paid him a visit.

Daniel finally came to regret the time when his career was at its peak. It was the best age for him, but he was blinded by hatred. He could have spent the days with his beloved, but now, he had to spend the next eight years in a cold prison. Mandy felt sorry for Daniel, and Daniel was doubly sorry for himself.

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