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   Chapter 56 I Don't Have Time To See You

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"Oh, he is the son of Mr. Shi," Mandy answered with a smile. She didn't find anything wrong with him at all.

"Wow, now you have even made the acquaintance of Mr. Shi's son. I think you have a very strong personal connection with handsome young men," Jayleen joked.

"Jayleen, please don't make fun of me. He is the only one I know. We only said hello to each other when we met. That's all." Mandy frowned.

"Well, I know. You don't have to explain." Jayleen snickered mischievously.

Mandy's face flushed in embarrassment. 'What have I done?' she thought.

In the evening, Mandy went home straight after work. It was six in the evening when Mandy's phone blared with Nathan's phone call.

"Hello, Mr. Jin," Mandy said respectfully as a smile graced her lips.

"Hey, how was your day?" Nathan asked, as he rested his back on the sofa and rubbed his temple with his thumb–he was tired.

He had been busy with work for the past few days and seldom had the time to rest. His overwhelming thought every day was to make phone calls to Mandy as soon as he got back to the hotel.

"Everything is fine, but I ran into your cousin at the hospital today." Mandy smiled.

"What did he say?" Nathan asked as his tired eyes suddenly became alert.

"Nothing. I saw him this morning when I was making rounds across the wards," Mandy answered honestly. She hadn't talked much with him. Although Damian had invited her to dinner, she thought it was a mere formality and didn't pay attention to it.

"You'd better steer clear of him!" Nathan warned coldly. It suddenly occurred to Mandy that he had warned her in the same tone when they were in the corridor of the hospital as well.

A sudden shiver ran through her body. "Okay," she answered obediently.

"So... Do you miss me?" Nathan's face softened as he asked gently.

In the remote foreign country, Nathan had curled up on the sofa. His usual cold and gloomy eyes were sparkling with love and care.

Mandy was silent. "No, I don't," she finally replied.

Mandy was too shy to admit that she missed him. She felt that it was hypocritica

ms. She didn't want to. It wasn't her house, after all. She felt happy to stay within the cozy walls of her room.

The starry sky of the summer night was always beautiful. Mandy lifted her head and tried counting the stars.

At that moment, her mobile phone began to ring.

She frowned when she looked at the caller ID. It was an unknown number. After thinking for a long time, she finally answered the call.

"Mandy, it's me," a deep male voice answered.

The voice hit Mandy like a lightning bolt, and she froze on the spot, with the phone on her hand.

Damn it! It was Daniel. Mandy laughed at her stupidity and was about to hang up.

"Please don't hang up the phone, Mandy. I've got something to tell you." Daniel knew Mandy fairly well. They had been together for a long time, and it wasn't hard for him to guess what Mandy would do.

Mandy took several deep breaths and tried to calm her nerves. But she still felt uneasy. She stood up from the reclining chair, put her hand on her chest, and said coldly, "Speak."

"Tomorrow is Saturday. Can you come to see me? I have an important thing to tell you," Daniel said softly. He was feeling a sudden pain in his heart.

"Just tell me over the phone. I don't have the time to see you."

Mandy's voice was cold, but her heart ached. Her eyes widened, and her hair billowed in the gentle breeze. At that moment, she wanted to weep.

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