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   Chapter 55 A Gentleman

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Mandy arrived early at the JR Hospital.

"Good morning, Mandy," said a warm manly voice. Jamie appeared behind her unexpectedly.

"Good morning, Jamie," she replied. A radiant smile appeared on Mandy's sweet face.

Her smile caught Jamie's attention. He stared at her for a while and fell into a trance. 'She is so beautiful. What an innocent face, ' thought Jamie. He liked to look at her smile. But somehow, her smile had disappeared previously. Now her smile was back. How nice.

Jamie also knew that Allen of the Anesthesiology Department also had a crush on Mandy. He and Allen were studying in the same university, and they got into the JR Hospital at the same time. They arrived here a year earlier than Mandy. Neither of them had confessed their love to her. For them, Mandy was like an elusive goddess, so they were all waiting for a chance.

"The family of the patient who will get the surgery first today wanted to see you. I was on duty last night and had talked to him. It seems to me that he was a very stubborn young man. He insisted on giving us red packets," Jamie narrated while shaking his head.

"That's not a good idea. I help patients with the good intention to save their lives, not to receive bribes or the like. Please help me to discourage him. We must practice professional ethics," Mandy commented in a serious tone.

"That's true and honorable of you, but the patient's family said that if you didn't take the red envelope, they would ask Harry to operate on his mother. After all, Harry is more experienced," Jamie said with hesitation. He was curious how she would react to it.

"Okay. Let Harry do it. I reckon he will be very happy to accept it," Mandy said. She smiled sarcastically at the thought of Harry's reputation.

"How could you just leave the patient to others?" Jamie asked in surprise.

"I honestly think we should trust each other. I mean doctors and patients. Now that they don't trust me...well, frankly, I'm disappointed," Mandy said calmly. In other words, she would be much more relieved if she didn't perform the operation.

Harry was a

ark under his bushy eyebrows.

"Okay. Now that Nathan is not around. I can invite Mandy to go out." There was a cynical grin on Damian's face corresponding with his father's dirty plan.

"Okay, you can play. But remember, don't overdo it. We have a long way to go. You must earn Mandy's trust first." Luke's eyes turned dark all of a sudden when he remembered Mandy had just rejected Damian's invitation, which indicated that she was still aloof with them.

"Dad, I'm not sure about other things, but there's no woman in the world that I can't handle well," said Damian, with a faint smile as he squinted his eyes.

As for Mandy, Damian was determined to win her heart.

"Be humble in front of her. I noticed she doesn't like those who are too arrogant," Luke kindly reminded.

"Okay, Dad. Noted." The next moment, Damian changed his tone. He became a gentleman immediately as he had behaved before.

"All right. Go back to work at the JS International now. We can do a lot of things during the time that Nathan is not here," Luke urged him, thinking, 'Every minute and every second is money!'

Wearing a humble look, Damian walked out of the ward. When he walked out of the room, Mandy walked out of another ward. The two of them saw each other again.

She smiled and greeted to him. He gave her a warm smile and left.

"Mandy, who is he?" Jayleen asked her as she leaned over to her.

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