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   Chapter 54 What Have You Been Doing

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"Is it because of Daniel?" Fiona asked as she rolled her eyes, looking very smug.

Upon hearing this question, Mandy fell into silence. It was very obvious to Fiona that Mandy was sad and depressed.

"You know what, Fiona? We are over. It's over between me and Daniel," Mandy said with her voice flat, and her head hung low. Sorrow washed all over her face.

"My elder sister…" Fiona murmured as tears welled up in her eyes. A few days ago, she saw the scandal of the Zhou Family in the news. Almost overnight, nearly everyone was upset with Daniel. At first, she was furious when she read the news as well. But after thinking about it for a while, she felt that Mandy must be more upset than anyone else.

Fiona first knew Daniel when she was a junior high school student. From what she could recall, Daniel had been a nice and bright person, almost like a brother, who always bought delicious food for her. How could such a gentleman do something like that?

"It doesn't matter, my silly girl. I'm an exceptionally gorgeous young woman. I'll find the right man for me. Don't you think so?" Mandy stated as she lightly flipped her hair. She knew Fiona was much more pitiful than she was. It was understandable since Fiona had come from a rougher background. Fiona's father was addicted to gambling, and her mother was addicted to drugs. Her father got admitted into a rehabilitation center when she was twelve years old, and Fiona was adopted to the Zhou Family. The Zhou Family had always been very good to her and had treated her well.

"Of course, you'll find the right man. Everybody knows how amazing you are in every aspect. I'm sorry how I spoke to you just now. I didn't know," Fiona said, biting her lower lip.

"Fiona, remember, I won't allow anyone to insult you. It's not your fault, nor was it your choice. You don't need to feel ashamed. You nearly got expelled from school. But if you were expelled from school for protecting your reputation, I won't blame you," Mandy said in a serious tone, her gaze unwavering from Fiona's eyes.

"It's just so lucky that you know my headteacher," Fiona said as she gave a light chuckle. Looking up, she gave Mandy a slight smile.

"Yeah. I really didn't expect to meet him again while I was taking a walk in the school."

"Well, since you've broken up with Daniel, maybe you could go on a date with Mr. Xu? He se

ed," Mandy answered as she nodded.

"Mandy, please remember this. If you're in trouble or if anything bad happens, anything at all, please call me immediately," Nathan urged as he looked at the cars and people passing by outside of the window. Today, he had felt a little lonely being in a strange city. In the past, he often went on business trips, but he never felt lonely. But now, he cared about Mandy so much that being away from her made him feel empty.

"Okay. Have you eaten yet?" Mandy casually asked, feeling a bit silly afterwards for asking such a trivial question.

"Yes, I have," replied Nathan, a small smile forming on his lips.

"Well, okay. You must be busy with your work. I'll talk to you later so you can get some rest now," she said sweetly.

"Okay. Good night, Mandy. Sleep tight." Nathan turned around and drew back the curtains. The sun was shining on his face, making his features warm and gentle.

"Good night. Oh, no… I mean good morning! It should be early in the morning in Australia." Mandy chuckled. She let out a long breath, trying to clear her head.

"You are a bit dense right now, aren't you? I don't blame you," said Nathan in a mocking tone.

"Humph! Like you're the smartest man in the world?" Mandy replied jokingly, but she really wished Nathan didn't mock her as much as he did.

"Of course, I'm smarter than you, you stupid girl. Go to sleep now, or you'll become even more stupid," teased Nathan.

"Okay, bye." With her mind wandering, Mandy appeared as if she had gotten used to the bickering and noisiness of Nathan.

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