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   Chapter 53 Encountering An Old Friend

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"What is it? What do you want?" the girl with bangs asked cautiously, looking less aggressive.

Hearing this, Mandy just sneered and said nothing.

'What do I want? Of course, I want to fight, ' Mandy thought in her mind. When Mandy had studied in England, she had worked for a Taekwondo association with Daniel for three years. And generally speaking, ordinary men were not her opponents.

"Mandy, why are you here?" Suddenly, a voice came from behind the door. Mandy turned her head and spotted Fiona right behind her.

As soon as she saw Fiona in front of her, Mandy broke into a big smile. She gave Fiona a warm hug and asked with concern, "Are you okay, Honey? I heard that you had a fight with your classmates. Did you get hurt?"

"I'm fine. Don't worry. There was a bitch. I just slapped her through the face." As soon as Fiona finished her words, she gave a hard look at the girl with bangs.

Mandy chuckled to herself, 'That's good. How could my cousin lose out? Fiona had started to learn Sanda from the tender age of five.'

The girl got angrier to hear the conversation between Mandy and Fiona. At that moment, the girl spotted their headteacher standing behind the door. She walked up to her teacher with a disgruntled face and grumbled to him, "Mr. Xu, look, they were humiliating me like this."

"Well, Jenny, the truth remains that you started it. Just let it go. Don't stretch it too much." Bruce, the headteacher, was a young man. He wore a pair of spectacles. He looked gentle and elegant, and there was a flair of majesty in his words.

Jenny pouted her lips as she was displeased with Bruce's reply. She had never expected that their headteacher would support Fiona.

Mandy walked towards Bruce with an appreciative smile. Suddenly, she felt that the man looked familiar. She had a very strong intuition that she had seen him before. Mandy ran her brain randomly, and very soon, she remembered who he was.

As kids, Mandy and Bruce had been neighbors. That was right. Since all the students were there, Mandy refrained from addressing him. However, as her gaze met with his, she saw him smiling. Immediately, she knew that he seemed to have recognized her as well.

"I came to your dormitory to talk about what happened in the afternoon. After investigation, I found that Jenny insulted Fiona, which made Fiona retaliate by taking action. There is no doubt

respected her decision and had waited for her until she graduated from secondary school.

"Thank you for helping Fiona. Let me treat you to dinner tonight," Mandy suggested.

"No way. I'm a man. It's not okay for a woman to give me a treat." Bruce frowned, expressing his disapproval towards her remark.

"Okay, since you want to treat me for dinner, I'll give you the chance," Mandy smiled sweetly and said in a naughty tone.

The night fell, and the street lamps were lit all across the city.

They went to a robot restaurant for dinner. On their way back, Mandy bought two packs of snacks for Fiona and her new roommates. She asked her to share it with them.

Mandy was relieved to see that Fiona was quite popular in her class. Many girls liked her. She not only did well in her studies, but she was also helpful to her classmates. Only a handful of people were jealous of her and hated her.

It was already eight o'clock by the time they got back to school. After exchanging phone numbers with Mandy, Bruce hurried back to his office to review the homework submitted by the students. As the headteacher of the second-grade students, he had to put up with late hours in the office every night.

The orange street lamps shone on the woods, through the gaps of the leaves, and sprinkled on the shoulders of the two girls who stood in front of the dormitory bidding goodbye to each other.

"Mandy, you look so haggard these days," Fiona said as she turned to look at Mandy.

"What? Really? Maybe it's because of work pressure." Mandy tried to cover her guilt with a smile.

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