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   Chapter 52 Lost In Oblivion

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Mandy was at the JR Hospital.

She was completely knackered after the surgery this morning. Her journey as a doctor began when she had decided to be a doctor so that maybe she would have the opportunity to help an old friend. Unfortunately, her old friend was gone, and Mandy had been depressed for a long time.

Mandy had given up a lot of things she loved, on her way to be a good doctor. She loved playing the piano when she was a child, but she gave it up for clinical medicine. Every time she would see someone playing the piano on the television, her heart would ache faintly. There was a time when music had been her life. She had loved every note, and each note became like a little dancing angel.

Her routine life at the hospital and meeting all kinds of patients every day, made Mandy feel that she was only taking a step further away from her love: music. But she loved her job equally. As long as she could save someone's life, she would be happy.

Her profession was sacred and significant. Healing the wounded and rescuing the dying wasn't something everyone had the opportunity to do.

During her lunch break, Mandy was surfing the Internet. A medical team in Switzerland had been studying a case of congenital heart disease. The JR Hospital was recruiting doctors to join the project with that medical team. Although Mandy wanted to be a part of the project, she was afraid that she might not get selected. After all, Harry's possibility of being in the team was bigger than hers.

After looking at the website for a long time, Mandy finally sighed and closed the window.

Jamie walked in with a patient's medical report to see Mandy. He was excited as he could use this as an opportunity to spend time with her. But he would stay true to his profession as well. He began explaining about the patient's condition. However, Mandy's mind was elsewhere. Just like her soul was out of her body.

"The patient's condition is rare. His blood is too thick–it could block the blood vessels in his heart. I'm afraid that his life is at stake." Jamie was fidgeting with a pen, looking at Mandy curiously, and waiting for her answer.

Her eyes were fixed somewhere unseen, and she had paid no attention to what Jamie had been saying all this while. She answered perfunctorily, "Yes."

Jamie frowned at Mandy and nudged her. "Director Zhou, what's wrong with you today? Has your spirit left you?"

'My spirit has left me?'

Jamie's words snapped Mandy back to reality. She realized that she had been absent-minded for a long tim

e are talking about has got nothing to do with you." A girl with long hair, with a center partition of bangs that covered her forehead, stood up from the bed. She crossed her arms, raised her chin, and stared at Mandy with disgust.

"You gossip girls. Watch your damn mouth! Fiona's parents have gone abroad. It's not what you think. You all are good at nothing but fabricating news and stirring the peace of innocent people," Mandy growled. Mandy was furious and yelled at the girls in a tone that was loud enough to shut their mouths. After all, she had dealt with all kinds of patients in the hospital. Dealing with a bunch of silly girls wasn't a big deal for her.

"You...Are you Fiona's sister? Stop lying! We all know that she was adopted," the girl sneered as she looked at Mandy.

"I don't know where the hell you get this gossip from. But I do know one thing–if you dare to talk nonsense again, I will tear your mouth apart," Mandy said through gritted teeth. Her eyes reddened with rage. Once Mandy was done talking, she rolled up her sleeves. She wanted to get into a fistfight with these girls. She couldn't bear these girls talking nonsense about Fiona. Mandy hadn't believed the director when he informed that her cousin had fought with other kids in the school. Fiona was a straight-A student, after all. But now, she was sure that Fiona would have beaten the crap out of them.

If the words of these girls could provoke Mandy, it definitely would have annoyed poor Fiona. The girl with bangs looked at Mandy with frightened eyes. Mandy's menacing look, her dress, and heels made the girl understand that Mandy wasn't a weakling. She'd definitely do what she said she would.

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