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   Chapter 51 My Woman Doesn't Need To Work Hard

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Nathan didn't answer Mandy's question further. Instead, he raised his hands and winked at her as if he was sharing his happiness with her.

Mandy had expected Nathan's answer to be like that. Hence, she was not disappointed this time.

"I have hired a maid for you. She'll start coming from tomorrow," Nathan said as he lifted a piece of tissue and wiped his mouth. His beautiful lips moved as the tissue swept over them gently.

"A maid for me? Why? I can take care of myself!" Mandy opined loudly, raising her brows as she pointed at herself with her finger in surprise. She didn't know why Nathan had suddenly hired a maid for her.

"I'm going on a business trip to Australia. It will take about a week until I come back," Nathan informed in a casual tone.

'Oh! So that's the reason!' Mandy thought in her mind. It was not until then that Mandy came to realize that Nathan just wanted to hire a maid to monitor her. She smiled and said, "I don't need a maid. I can take care of myself,"

However, it was good news for Mandy that Nathan was going on a business trip. Mandy could not restrain her heart's delight to hear that. She thought that since he was going on a business trip for one week, then there would be only three weeks left after he came back. Ha-ha! That was great!

Nathan had been observing the sudden play of joy on the expression on Mandy's face. All of a sudden, Nathan loosened up and leaned against the backrest of the chair. He stretched out his left hand with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. "Come here," Nathan said softly.

Mandy walked slowly towards him, wondering what he was going to do next.

"Have a seat, please." Just as Mandy's eyes fell upon the chair, Nathan pulled her into his arms and made her sit on his laps without giving her an option to react.

Mandy's heart started pounding faster. Every time she got close to Nathan, she felt excited and got pulled towards him. This time as well, she could feel the sudden pull inside her stomach. Now, they were sitting intimately, looking at each other's eyes.

"My woman doesn't need to work so hard," Nathan said softly as his eyes darkened. At this moment, his face was calm, full of tenderness and love as he looked intently into Mandy's eyes.

"What? Do you have a split personality?" Mandy could not resist the obvious question from coming out of her mind. Although, right after blurting it out, she had a momentary regret for having said so in such a point-blank manner.

Nathan had a volatile temper, now burnin

occupied with that thought.

As she put her phone back on the table, Mandy suddenly saw a piece of paper on the nightstand. She gently picked it up and saw a few words written on it, "You must come back home on time before five o'clock every night. You are allowed to visit your house once this week."

The last sentence on the paper made Mandy so happy. She sat up from the bed full of energy. It was so good!

At the moment, Mandy felt that Nathan was indeed a handsome man with a human heart throbbing inside his chest. After all, he was not a very cold-blooded man, as many women perceived him to be.

When Mandy came downstairs, she saw a hearty breakfast on the dining table. Mandy was surprised and thought it must have been prepared by a ghost.

"Good morning, Miss Zhou," Lillian said with a gentle smile as she stepped out of the kitchen.

"Who are you?" Mandy asked with a smile.

Nathan had told Mandy last night that a maid would come to the house, but she didn't expect her to come so soon.

"Miss Zhou, you can call me Lillian. I'll take care of you from now on," Lillian replied with a smile on her face.

At the moment, Mandy felt a sense of kinship with Lillian. She found Lillian very congenial.

"You're welcome, Lillian. Call me Mand, if you like," Mandy didn't like being called Miss Zhou. She felt estranged.

"I dare not, Miss Zhou. Please don't embarrass me," Lillian replied as she shook her head. Nathan had asked her to take good care of Mandy.

"Well, Lillian. You don't have to be formal with me. You know, he has gone abroad, and it's just you and me in this house for the time being." Mandy flashed a sly smile as she coaxed Lillian.

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