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   Chapter 50 Explain Yourself, Please

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"Huh?" Nathan sneered with irritation. "I haven't even given you a reply?" "Mandy, are you out of your mind? Open the WeChat and check my messages."

Nathan was angry. He had sent a dozen WeChat messages to her, urging her to go home early for dinner, but she hadn't replied to any of them.

Mandy was lost. She quickly took out her mobile phone from her bag and turned on the Internet. She found that Nathan had indeed sent her many replies.

Her hand holding the mobile phone was slightly shaking. She stood there in embarrassment and didn't know what to do. She just knew that she had made Nathan angry again.

Mandy lowered her head like a child who had made a mistake. She clenched her fists nervously and didn't dare to look up at Nathan.

"Explain to me why you came back so late." Nathan stretched his legs and put an icy look on his face.

"Like what I said on WeChat, I was late due to my colleague's birthday," Mandy answered in a low voice. There was fear in her voice because she was afraid to get Nathan mad again.

"Colleague?" He was skeptical. "Male or female? How many people went there?" he probed. Nathan asked the series of questions like a case being interrogated.

She didn't expect that he would be so narrow-minded and ask such questions. 'I'm not even dating him. Why should I explain myself?' Mandy thought.

Despite her hesitation, Mandy still confidently explained, "He is a resident doctor of our department. All members of our department were there." To avoid Nathan's suspicion, Mandy added, "Seventeen people went to the party."

"Quit your job at the hospital," Nathan said slowly. He was apparently not happy of her answer, and his face was hard to ignore.

"Why?" Mandy asked angrily. She thought, 'I didn't do anything wrong. Why do I have to quit my job? What should I do after I resign?' Now, her mind was full of questions. 'How could I earn money without a job?'

"I don't like drunk women," Nathan said coldly and stood up. The light fell on the side of his face, and his eyes were indescribable.

"I promise I won't drink anymore. But for you to

s," Mandy sarcastically commented. She smirked at the thought that Nathan was afraid of being poisoned. Honestly, she wanted to, but she didn't dare.

"Of course, I don't think you have the guts to do that," Nathan answered. He took his chopsticks and indulged in his food. He was starving, so he didn't talk much.

Sitting across from him, with her cheeks propped up on her hands, Mandy watched him gobble up the noodles. He ate the noodles in an elegant manner without making a sound. As a child, Mandy was trained to do the same. She had been cautious all these years. It was not until she saw the way Nathan ate that she realized that such a life was very restrained.

Since childhood, Madeline taught her not to make any noise while eating, so she had developed this habit. But sometimes, she was really hungry and wanted to wolf up all the food in front of her. Mandy felt as if there were two people living in her body. In fact, she didn't want to be so prim and proper a lady.

"What are you thinking?" Nathan had finished the whole bowl of noodles with satisfaction up to the last drop.

"What?" He cleared his throat. "Is it delicious?" Mandy smiled gently. She was no longer nervous when she looked into Nathan's eyes.

"Yeah, just right," Nathan simply said and smiled. Deep inside, Nathan silently praised her cooking. The food was so delicious, but he didn't say a word about it.

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