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   Chapter 49 He Was Waiting For Her

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The next day when Mandy woke up, Nathan had already left. She sighed as she stretched her shoulders. Then she washed up and left as well.

At noon, Nathan sent a message on WeChat to Mandy, urging her to return home soon tonight.

Mandy said okay to Nathan. When he received her reply, he didn't acknowledge any further.

"Mandy, today is my birthday. It's my treat tonight. Will you go out with me?" Jamie walked toward Mandy and asked.

"What?" Mandy answered in surprise. She recalled that Nathan had just asked her to go home early tonight.

"I... I'm sorry. I have something to do tonight." After mulling it over for a while, Mandy rejected his invitation. 'What if Nathan becomes upset?' she thought.

"Mandy, can't you grant my favor for once? Everyone from the Cardiology Department accepted my invitation, except Harry. He won't go with us," Jamie replied with a wide grin. He had said that Harry would not attend the birthday party since he believed that Mandy might oppose his request because of that guy.

Harry was the director of the Cardiology Department. They recognized him as a highly serious man because he always looked stony-faced. Regarding his character, no one in the Cardiology Department liked him; Mandy appeared to not like him, either. Therefore, everybody was keeping their distance from Harry.

"No, it is not because of Harry. Jamie, I have lots of things to take care of tonight. I mean it," Mandy explained at once. Although she didn't wish to cross paths with Harry, she wouldn't avoid him on purpose.

"It's just an hour or two. You can go home early, okay?" Jamie pleaded earnestly, and he didn't care if he sounded pathetic as he sought to convince her to come with them.

"Mand, come on. If you won't go, I don't want to go either." Cassie then walked in with a load of files in her arms.

Mandy had no choice but to nod her head, and she replied yes.

In the evening, Mandy sent a message to Nathan on WeChat to let him know that she had some things to still do tonight, and she might go home late.

Jamie invited them to have a table in a fancy restaurant, and it didn't matter to him

s to the driver at will. It was the MC Garden.

Along the street, the air nipped on her skin, leaving her cold. When they arrived at the MC Garden, all of a sudden, Mandy realized that she didn't live there anymore.

"Jamie, thank you for bringing me home." After getting out of the taxi, Mandy stooped and bowed to Jamie.

He was about to escort Mandy into her house, but she refused him.

After Jamie left, Mandy came to her mind and began to feel anxious. She held out her phone to check on the time. 'Oh, no! It was already half-past eleven.'

Now, she would be in trouble.

Mandy didn't hesitate to call for a taxi to No. 520, Haibin Road.

When Mandy arrived at the said location, darkness met her sight. Mandy's skin crawled when she paused at the entrance, hesitating for a while before she swiped the key-card and opened the door.

However, the moment she pushed the door open, the living room lights were turned on.

Mandy bit her lower lip. Before she could react, she noticed Nathan sitting on the sofa, with his face full of annoyance.

"So you still remembered to come back, didn't you?" Nathan's eyes became dark as he spoke with gritted teeth, and his cold expression pierced her.

"I... I did send you a message on WeChat to tell you I'll be home late. You didn't respond to my message. Have you been waiting for me?" Mandy asked. Staring at Nathan's gloomy face, she came to herself at once.

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