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   Chapter 48 Say It, Then I Am All Yours

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Mandy's eyes were drenched and red with grievances when she looked straight into Nathan's eyes. She felt a surge of sadness rising in her heart.

Mandy wanted to scream it out. What the hell was that? "Who am I to you? Did you ask me to move in with you so that you can humiliate me like this?" Mandy asked, her voice still sounding painful. Mandy was nervous as hell. Her body was shaking, and it was beyond her control to keep it stable. The sting in her heart was so deep and overbearing that she felt as if someone was pulling her heart downwards. She closed her eyes and turned her face away from Nathan.

"Did you feel bad with what happened just now?" The cold voice of Nathan sounded like a freezing cellar. He did not show the slightest trace of being even remotely affected by the upheaval in Mandy's heart. Mandy was appalled to hear his remark. At the moment, nothing affected her more than the words he uttered. She was neither intimidated by his cold voice nor was she scared of him anymore. But his words kept hammering on her head and chest over and over again.

In a fit of anger, Mandy snapped, "No. I don't give a damn about your women."

However much she pretended not to care about Nathan's being close to other women, still in her heart of hearts, she was set ablaze with jealousy.

Mandy was aware that there would be a lot of women around Nathan. She felt that she could ignore those women and Nathan. She understood it very well that she and Nathan were from two different worlds, and their lives were incompatible. However, as luck would have it, their lives did intersect, in such an unexpected way.

"Mandy, I don't like stubborn women." All of a sudden, Nathan caught Mandy by her wrist and forced her against the wall.

Nathan looked into her eyes intently for a moment, and then he broke into a wicked grin. The game he was playing with Mandy had started to gain momentum, and he loved it. He wanted to hear Mandy say, "I love you," willingly.

"Why did you even ask me to come here? Do you even need a girl like me? Anyway, there are so many women around you. You can have them all without even the slightest effort," Mandy retorted. She smiled with self-mockery.

"Do you mean to say that since there are so many people here, that makes you replaceable for me?" The frivolous tone of Nathan's words sounded like he meant something else. Mandy looked at him from the corner of her eyes. Thinking of what she had just done, Mandy regretted it immediately. Why would she argue with him? She knew very well that she was no match for Nathan!

Mandy denied, "No, I didn't mean that." With her back against the wall, Mandy was so nervous that her heart started beating faster. The cold touch of the wall seemed to slowly stimulate her nerves, and a burst of pain spread from her heart. Her eyes still looked hurt as she gazed at Nathan.

Nathan approached her slowly. It was a very oppressing scene for Mandy. His face was very close to hers. She blinked and let out a pearly tear as she could feel his breath on her face. Suddenly, she thought of his kiss. The kiss had been very imperious and possessive. It had felt like he wanted to keep her for his own.

When Mandy had been with

He was rather complex and shrewd, and he was more suited to achieve a mammoth of business success with ease. He was indeed unstoppable and invincible in his line of work. But there was no trace of something in his personality that could justify him as a violin player or even a music lover.

"Yes," replied Nathan in a flat tone. It was a short and powerful answer.

Mandy was surprised to hear that. She requested, "Can you play a piece for me?" A trace of slyness flashed through Mandy's eyes as she thought of an old friend who had also been good at playing the violin. That was a wonderful memory in her life.

"No," Nathan refused coldly. But this time, his voice sounded different. No one can make him play the violin, except that one person...He was not in the mood to play the violin at this moment.

"All right," Mandy said with a sigh. She felt a little disappointed. She had expected that Nathan would refuse her. She just didn't expect that he would refuse so quickly and coldly.

He kept staring at the violin for a long time. Mandy watched him silently while he did that. All of a sudden, he turned over from Mandy and stood up. It seemed that suddenly he was in no mood for anything.

"Have a good sleep here. Good night." After finishing these words, he left without looking back.

Looking at his receding figure, Mandy slowly sat up on the bed. For the first time, she sensed that Nathan was a little lonely. 'If we sit face to face, maybe I can see the sorrow on his face, ' a passing thought came to her mind. She didn't even know why she thought like that.

What made him unhappy all of a sudden? Why did he leave like that? Did she say something that had raked some painful memories from the past? So many questions popped into Mandy's mind one by one, but she could not find the answer for a single one. Rather, this incident made her unsure about her code of conduct with Nathan for the future. He was so unpredictable that she couldn't gauge what was going on in his mind.

It was a tough night for Mandy. She didn't know how she fell asleep. She tossed and turned on the bed all night in this strange room.

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