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   Chapter 47 You Are Jealous

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"Bzzap... Bzzap…" Nathan was gently drying Eve's hair with a hair-drier. There was an apparent gleam of love and care in his eyes.

'Well, it's a good thing that a woman keeps staying with Nathan. That means he won't make trouble for me. And I can go back home in only one month!' With a self-deprecating laugh, Mandy noted to herself. With this thought in mind, Mandy felt that she should grit her teeth and get on with it while hanging tough for a month.

"Why are you still standing here? Go and make a beefsteak!" Eve urged her in an unfriendly tone as she looked daggers at Mandy from the mirror.

Mandy silently turned and left without a word. She headed downstairs and rushed into the kitchen.

To her amazement, the kitchen was spacious. And it was stuffed with a lot of kitchenware in it. After quickly scanning the room, she directly went to the fridge to check if there was food stored in it. Mandy took out two pieces of steak, surprised that they were still fresh. But looking at these two pieces of steak, she felt annoyed!

"Humph, she thought eating steak would exhibit her elegance and grace. Seriously? What a mindless woman!" Mandy exclaimed to herself rather crossly. She then began shaking the two pieces of steak to and fro on the chopping block.

"I would like to put a purgative in your food to put you to death!" Mandy hissed, still fuming in anger.

Fortunately, Mandy had mastered good cooking skills when she had studied in England, so it was not difficult for her to cook Western food. She not only prepared steak, but also made Ronnie soup, cream cheese shrimp, and fried dragon shrimps.

When Mandy put the Western food on the table, the suspicious look in Nathan's eyes showed that he had been assuming that she was a talented but unheralded chef. Their eyes met, but Mandy just looked away and stood silently aside.

"Nathan, I noticed that your maid was a little bit slow in reaction. Don't you think? She looked pretty silly. You may as well sack her," Eve stated in an unhappy tone as she pouted.

"She is just a maid, Darling. Provided that the dishes are deliciously good, and the clothes are washed clean, then it is enough!" Nathan chuckled. His eyes were not as cold as usual.

Mandy was not stupid. She seemed to detect some scorn in his voice and fully understood what he meant. Is he just wanting her to pour wine for them?

Adeptly, Mandy opened a bottle of 1982 Chateau Lafite and

e there.

"Call me Nathan!" Nathan ordered again. It was surprising that he hadn't shown his impatience at all. Generally, he didn't want to say what he had said a second time.

"Na… Mr. Jin," Mandy almost blurted out, "Nathan." Luckily, she responded in time and immediately exclaimed, "Mr. Jin."

"Do you know the consequence of turning against me?" Nathan uttered in a cold voice as he squinted his eyes dangerously.

Long before Mandy could make any response, Nathan's thin lips had already delved into her mouth, covering her lips. His breath emitted a faint smell of alcohol. And when he felt she was distracted, Nathan stuck his tongue into her mouth, exploring her both gently and aggressively.


Suddenly, she recalled a picture that made her unhappy. It was so vivid that it jolted her back to her senses. She seemed to have seen Nathan kissing that woman in a room, though she couldn't pinpoint where. Why was he so good at kissing? He must have selected a lot of women to train him.

Mandy shoved him away, but Nathan didn't budge. He hugged her tightly instead and didn't want to let go of her at all.

Fear engulfed her, and in a panic, she took a bite out of Nathan's tongue. She had unwillingly tasted the blood that instantly spread in her mouth. Unexpectedly, Nathan still didn't take his hands off.

"Are you crazy? Nathan," Mandy cried out. She struggled furiously and finally pushed Nathan away.

"Yes, I'm crazy!" Nathan breathed his words with a self-deprecating laugh. His scarlet eyes turned icy cold as he held her gaze, not even wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

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