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   Chapter 46 Nathan, Who Is She

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The next morning, the sun came up slowly from the horizon, breaking the dawn of a new day.

And with that came the date of their agreement. From today, Mandy was going to live with Nathan!

"Ding Dong!"

the doorbell rang very early in the morning. Afraid of disturbing her parents, Mandy jumped out of bed and rushed to open the door almost bare foot.

When she opened the door, she was stunned.

She couldn't believe that Nathan had come personally to pick her up.

"What? You? Why have you come here?" Mandy spoke incoherently. Maybe, she was a little excited to see Nathan in the early morning. But at the same time, she was also afraid that her parents would come to know about him.

"I'm here to pick you up. Why do you look so surprised?" Nathan smirked. His eyes traveled from her wide-eyed face downwards, only to stop at her feet. He raised his left eyebrow and cast a weird glace at Mandy's face when he noticed that she had come to answer the doorbell without even putting on her shoes. He wondered that Mandy must be that excited to meet him.

"I thought that you asked someone to pick me up?" Mandy stammered with guilt. And then she turned her head to look into the house, fearing that her parents would come out. Her heart pounded, and she had a strange feeling in her stomach.

"What? This is your house. Why are you behaving like a thief? Are you so afraid that I might be discovered by your family?" Nathan smiled teasingly and narrowed his dark eyes at Mandy.

"No. That's not true. Wait a minute," Mandy said, and the very next moment, she slammed the door shut.

With the door banging closed on his face, Nathan was left outside the door. He gnashed his teeth and shouted angrily, "Bad girl."

"Knock, knock, knock." A few moments later, he heard a scurry of footsteps.

Mandy opened the door again and threw two huge suitcases at Nathan, and said with a twisted smile, "Thank you, Mr. Jin."

Nathan picked up the suitcases with ease and leaned against the door. He looked into Mandy's eyes and said jokingly, "Do you know how heavy it is? In fact, why don't you invite me to your house for a cup of tea?"

"No, Mr. Jin. It's not a good idea to have tea here. The tea in my home tastes bad. Moreover, I'm sure you don't like tea, either," Mandy refused Nathan with a cordial smile. She was

s neck.

And much to Mandy's astonishment, instead of pushing her away, Nathan took her into his arms. With doting eyes on her, he grinned and said, "She's a new maid."

'Maid? New maid!'

At first, Mandy felt that there was something wrong with her ears. She turned around and saw Nathan's cold eyes.

When Mandy noticed carefully, she saw that Nathan smiled at that woman, but stared at her coldly. Mandy could feel the coldness of his eyes right inside her heart. He had asked her to be his woman. But now it turned out that he wanted her to come here to be his maid.

Thinking of that, Mandy chuckled to herself. 'How silly I am.

But why does my heart hurt so much? Do I? No! I don't love Nathan! I don't love him at all!'

That kind of ridicule stabbed into Mandy's heart like a sharp knife.

The woman cuddled by Nathan laughed complacently. The vigilance in her eyes gradually faded away, but she still put on a smug smile at Mandy, as if she was the real hostess.

Mandy stood still, feeling her legs were so heavy that she couldn't move them.

"Nathan, what shall we have for dinner?" Eve said as she stood on her toes. She lingered her perfectly manicured fingers on Nathan's chest while she had her eyes fixed on Mandy.

Mandy lowered her head out of utter embarrassment. She felt numb in her head. Her knees trembled, and she felt it extremely difficult to breathe.

"Steak, what do you say?" Nathan turned around and pulled Eve to sit in front of the dresser. Then he bent over and took out the hairdryer from the drawer.

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