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   Chapter 45 Mandy Will Move Out

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Updated: 2020-01-17 00:13

When Mandy went back home after work, Stanley and Madeline were busy with their work. As expected, Stanley was in the study reading some office documents. Since the Zhou Group had just gone through a crisis period, Stanley had to look into the office matters to put a lot of things in place. And, as usual, Madeline was busy cooking in the kitchen.

Mandy looked at the house longingly. Her eyes were filled with deep love and attachment to the house where she had spent the best years of her life. She knew she would not come back to this house the following night. This was perhaps the last night that she would spend under this roof, with her loving parents. She had just come back but was going to leave again.

After dinner, the close-knit family of three sat on the sofa and chatted with each other in a harmonious atmosphere. Stanley and Madeline were very delighted to have Mandy with them. They also talked about Mandy's future, which eventually led to talk of her marriage.

"Mand is so beautiful. She'll surely marry a handsome man in future!" Madeline laughed heartily as she took a sip from her teacup.

"What's the use of being handsome? Mandy has a very refined taste. She has her eyes on an artistic and business-minded Prince Charming," Stanley retorted, expressing his disagreement with his wife.

Mandy quietly watched her p

le day had passed without your mother talking about you. Every day, she would pine about you and say, 'Oh, when will our lovely daughter come back home?'" Stanley said, mimicking the way Madeline spoke. Madeline and Mandy were both amused by this gesture, and they laughed heartily.

"But, my Dear, you should take good care of yourself when you are in the hospital. Okay? I know you work very hard, but remember not to ignore your own health. Remember to have your meals on time and come back home for meals every weekend whenever you have time, okay?" Madeline urged. Her eyes were filled with concern. After all, Mandy was part of her. How could she bear to see her daughter suffer?

"Okay!" After hearing Madeline's words, Mandy's eyes turned red, and she nodded her head. She felt so sad that she had to move out tomorrow. In the depths of her heart, she was reluctant to leave her family!

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