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   Chapter 44 Do You Deserve It

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Narissa nestled her head on Nathan's shoulder. Her eyes became blurry as she fondled Nathan's chest with her soft fingers, and she whispered into his ear, "Nathan... Do you love me?"

Nathan's kept his eyes fixed ahead and remained nonresponsive towards Narissa's question.

Narissa was a little anxious. She didn't want to miss any chance to get close to Nathan. She firmly believed that Nathan loved her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made such great efforts to make her famous.

"What is love?" A deep and enigmatic voice came through, with a trace of his usual indifference as Nathan counter questioned Narissa.

"Love is..." A complacent smile spread over Narissa's face the moment she uttered the word love. "Love means… If I love you, I would be thinking about you all the time. Nathan, I came to meet you as soon as I finished my job in that drama today." Narissa pouted her lips, and her enchanting and expressive eyes seemed to speak her heart out.

"So what?"

"Nathan, shall we be together?"

"Okay," Nathan answered with a mysterious smile.

"Then, when will you marry me?" Narissa asked. Hearing what Nathan had just said, Narissa was overjoyed.

"Marry you? Do you think you deserve it?"

All of a sudden, it seemed that the air froze, and it became more than ten degrees colder. Narissa's smiling face froze in embarrassment.

"Nathan," N

he thanked the audience and the way she ran with him in the rain flashed through Nathan's mind.

Nathan heaved a sigh and felt helpless.

'Silly girl, I wish you all the happiness in heaven.'

Nathan didn't know how long he had been lying on the sofa in that way. When he opened his eyes, he felt that his eyes were blurred. He was crying. His eyes that remained expressionless most of the time were now filled with pain as tears rolled down his cheeks.

He stood up and walked to the desk. His slender fingers reached out to the chest of drawers. Nathan pulled out the first drawer from the left side. It was empty with no important documents inside. There was only a photo framed in an exquisite photo frame.

The girl in the photo had a sweet smile on her face with her delicate red lips pouting mischievously.

That year, she was 18, and he was 20.

This year, she was 18 while he had turned 24.

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