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   Chapter 43 Could You Give Me Your Phone Number

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Updated: 2020-01-16 02:13

"What are you thinking about, Dr. Zhou?" Luke was amused and asked her, noticing that Mandy was lost in thought.

"Nothing special, Mr. Shi. Have a good rest. And let me know immediately if you do feel any discomfort." Mandy would surely not tell him what was going on in her mind. Judging by his appearance, she thought Luke must be a resourceful man. Otherwise, he wouldn't have become the general manager of JS International.

"Go ahead with your work, Dr. Zhou. By the way, can you give me your phone number?" Luke impulsively took the opportunity to shift the topic and obtain her cell phone number.

Since Mandy was a simple-minded person, she didn't give it too much thought. She casually fished her phone from her pocket and carefully handed it to Luke.

"You have saved my life, Dr. Zhou. If you have any trouble in the future, just call me," Luke gently offered her while adding his number to her contacts. Then he hastily swiped through her recent outgoing calls. Seeing Nathan's contact number appeared in it, he confirmed that his hunch was indeed right.

Although he had been in the hospital for a couple of days, he could still monitor Nathan's every move. His stool pigeon had come to report that Nathan had been very close to Mandy these days. So Luke couldn't help but be a little suspicious about her.

posed that he was hinting for her to sit beside him.

Currently, Narissa was the leading actress of JS International Entertainment Company. Before she became famous, she had studied at the University of Music. Playing the violin was her forte. Rumor had it that Nathan had always liked those girls who were good at playing the violin. And by chance, she was personally chosen by him. Since then, she had reached achievements in her acting career and had become the most popular female star at present.

It was well-known to the world that Nathan was her financial supporter, so no one dared to plot against her. For this sole reason, she had bullied a lot of newcomers and also some senior elders in the entertainment circle. In all these years, she had failed to establish a good relationship within the industry. People harbored deep anger against her, but nobody dared to air it.

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