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   Chapter 42 Recalling The Sad Past

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"Cas, I know you are upset because I kept it a secret from you. I didn't let you know because I have my own difficulties. Or perhaps I was concerned about something else at that time. But I sincerely think of you as my best friend," Mandy explained with sincerity lacing her tone as she took Cassie's hand.

"Don't say that, Dr. Zhou. I've overestimated myself. How can a person of my humble status make friends with someone in a high position like you?" Cassie retorted unhappily, clearly throwing a tantrum.

"What are you talking about, Cas? Honestly, I haven't had any friends over these years. After the car accident four years ago, I became autistic-like. I never talked about it to anyone. I know how painful it is to lose a close friend, so I didn't dare to make friends again." As she pleaded, Mandy felt very sorrowful, and her eyes turned red. She was recaptured by the horrible scene when she had a car accident. That was her worst nightmare that had lasted for four years.

Seeing Mandy's saddened face, Cassie was stunned. 'Why does Dr. Zhou cry all of a sudden?'

"Yes... I'm sorry, Dr. Zhou. I didn't mean to remind you of y

Harry in the office, while all the other doctors had gone to do surgeries for their patients. To avoid the awkwardness between them, Mandy purposely left to make ward rounds.

Once again, Mandy felt worried, and the one who worried her the most was Nathan's uncle–Luke. She was unsure of when Nathan would take action to harm his uncle.

When she reached ward 2206, she noted Luke was resting. Mandy gave a simple greeting to him, "Mr. Shi, how are you feeling today?"

Luke responded with a smile, "Very well. It doesn't hurt anywhere."

Observing the way Luke smiled, Mandy seemed to be drifting away as she absent-mindedly studied his face. With such a kind and friendly demeanor, he didn't look like a bad person at all. Why did Nathan want him dead?

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