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   Chapter 40 Reunion Of The Family

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"When will my father get out?" Mandy's expression showed displeasure. And in every minute that passed by, she was anxiously getting more worried. When Nathan was his normal self, he was as good as a real gentleman. But when he was not, he acted like a schizophrenic. She was afraid that he would trap her.

"Mandy, that depends on when you comply with my request. If you promise me what I want, your father can be free the next minute," continued Nathan. He squinted his dark eyes. He tried to scrutinize the piece of paper he was toying with in his hand. It was the same document that sent Daniel to prison.

A suddenly cold voice came through the phone, interrupting Mandy's wandering thoughts. For a brief moment, she was too nervous to utter a word. With her hand trembling slightly, she gripped hard on her mobile phone. "Didn't you say that you wanted me to be willing to accept it?" she managed to ask in a low voice.

"But you won't do it, will you?" A faint smile crept to his lips because all things were running according to his plan. He was the owner of the game, and he was in charge of the game's progress.

"I promise no matter what request you make, as long as my father can come out immediately." She felt weak and desperate. And seemingly in indescribable pain, she closed her eyes as if to think clearly. Her face was full of worry and sadness.

"Well, move out and live with me tomorrow. In the morning, precisely before 10, your father can go home. Then you

r her. Then her sadness and sorrow seemed to vanish in an instant because of the reunion of her family.

In these few days, dramatic and even drastic changes had taken place in her life. The betrayal of Daniel, the decline of the Zhou Family, the meeting with Nathan, and the promise to be his woman were all unexpected.

"Silly girl, why are you crying? Didn't Dad say that, "Daddy will be back."" Stanley was so touched by his daughter. Although there were no more bruises in the corner of his mouth, an ache still lingered in his heart for his daughter. Mandy should be happy every day and do what she wanted to do. She shouldn't have been worried all these days. With a rekindled determination in his eyes, he told himself to do more to protect this family.

He was the backbone of this family. These terrible things had never happened in the past years. And these days, his wife and daughter had suffered a lot. Guilt overwhelmed him at leaving them in this tormented situation.

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