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   Chapter 38 You Can't Survive Beyond Tomorrow

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Updated: 2020-01-15 11:57

"Come on, coward!" A wicked smile spread over Nathan's face. When he was twelve years old, he had won the national championship of Sanda, a kind of freestyle grappling. How could an ordinary man defeat him?

"I'll kill you!" Daniel spat out. His scarlet eyes were so mad and ferocious. He rushed towards Nathan with all his might.

Daniel caught the air when Nathan made a swift move. When it was Nathan's turn to hit, he nimbly grabbed Daniel and put his hands on his back. Being unable to move at all, Daniel was furious to death.

"You are too young to play with me." The expression on Nathan's face didn't change at all, and he kicked Daniel so hard that he fell with a loud bang.

Raising his leg, Nathan wanted to kick Daniel again, but Mandy rushed forward and stopped him. After all, she used to love Daniel. Although she hated him now, she still felt pity for him.

Nathan didn't say a word. He just gave Mandy a cold glance. He looked furious, but he stopped eventually.

After he let go of Daniel, he looked up at Mandy for

ready telling him that she was laughing inside. "He's jealous of you!" Mandy revealed. 'Poor Daniel, if he finds out who Nathan is, he will regret what he has done!' Mandy thought.

"I am jealous that he knew you earlier than I did." Nathan's handsome face was hazy while explaining what he really meant.

'Is this a confession of love?' Mandy asked herself with a bewildered expression. Mandy was not stupid. But she felt her brain was leaving her whenever she was with Nathan. She really didn't know why.

"Anyway, thank you for what you did tonight," Mandy said sincerely as she looked at Nathan.

When their gaze met, Mandy felt her heart beat faster, and she could hardly breathe.

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