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   Chapter 37 Mandy Is Mine.

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Updated: 2020-01-15 11:57

"Who is he, Honey?" Nathan rushed over and pulled Mandy into his arms. He looked into Mandy's eyes affectionately. Mandy was, however, completely perplexed at this sudden intervention by Nathan.

Mandy widened her eyes out of surprise as she looked at Nathan. 'What on earth is Nathan doing here?'

"You... Why are you here?" Mandy asked nervously.

"I was worried about you. After you told me that you are going to meet a scumbag today, how could I leave you alone?" Nathan held Mandy in his arms in a bossy manner. He held Mandy close to his chest in a way as if he was holding one of his most prized possessions. His frivolous gesture seemed to intimidate Daniel and declared his ownership over the girl in his arms.

Nathan claimed loud and clear that Mandy belonged to him. No one could separate her from him!

Daniel was left bewildered. 'What was going on here? Where did this guy appear from so unwarrantedly? And how dare he call Mandy "honey?"' Daniel thought, feeling irked. What offended him all the more was that Mandy didn't stop the guy. Rather she looked so comfortable to be in his arms!

No matter how displeased Daniel was, he calmed down and took a few moments to evaluate the guy standing in front of him before taking action. He could sense the atrociousness in the guy and came to conclude that he must be a tough guy.

"Mand, who is he? Do you know him? How do you know him?" Daniel asked, annoyed

ooking at his fierce and terrible eyes, Mandy did not dare to say anything further; instead, she quietly stood aside. Daniel did not know who Nathan was, but she did. She knew clearly that he was definitely more insidious and despicable than Daniel.

Nathan was very satisfied to see Mandy obey him at the moment. But no matter how obedient and docile Mandy looked at the moment, Nathan knew it very well in his heart that this woman was no better than a wild horse–that was not easy to be controlled. Otherwise, she would have already agreed to his request to be his wife.

"You bastard! How dare you lay a hand on me? No one can leave this place tonight!" Daniel was hysterically enraged as he threatened. He swung his sleeves, unbuttoned his shirt collar, and came into a combating stance. Not only had Nathan insulted him by calling him names, but he also punched him. If he didn't take revenge on him, he would never be able to forgive himself!

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