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   Chapter 36 Nothing Else But Have A Drink Together

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Updated: 2020-01-15 11:57

"No problem," Daniel answered quickly with a huge grin plastered on his face.

Accompanying him to a booth, the extravagant and radiant lights were arousing her curiosity, causing her to peek every now and then. The place that enveloped her drove her to restlessness, forcing her into discussions with a deafening roar. Mandy despised such a set–the bar.

"Here, have a drink first," Daniel said as he laid his hand in front of Mandy with a glass of wine.

Mandy bit her lower lip, with her charming eyes broad open. She was intensely anxious right away. When she reached out to take the glass from his hand as instructed, she spoke in an absolute tone, "You have to ensure me you will let my dad go if I have this drink with you tonight."

Hearing that, Daniel squinted as a complacent smile grew on his face. He then said, "Of course, I will."

In fact, Daniel preferred to bed down with Mandy. They had been together for three years, and he had tried to be decent to her for the entire time. He had never dared to go into such things without her permission. Although he had hinted at her several times, and despite his perfect timing, Mandy had always refused him. But in this moment he had now, Daniel was positive enough that he would not let go of such a good opportunity tonight.

Mandy was not a fool. She drank with cautio

as she felt her palms get clammy over the situation.

"I didn't ask because I wanted you to open up to me beforehand. But you didn't," Mandy replied, blinking her eyes with innocence playing within them.

"Well, you simply don't care about me! Do you?"

The crowd gawked upon them for a while and murmured to one another until they realized that it was a quarrel between the couple after they heard the conversation. The pool of people decided to dismiss, concluding there was nothing they could do there. It would be better to leave the couple alone to solve whatever arguments they had been suffering about.

Yet, Nathan, who watched everything from behind, became solemn. Holding a glass of wine with his slender fingers as he drank in a hasty manner. Soon, contemplation pulled him in.

'Well, good job, Mandy! You came to the bar to have a secret date with your ex-boyfriend!'

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