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   Chapter 34 I Will Support You.

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"Don't worry, Mom. My uncle is truly blessed. He is a fighter. So you see, by God's grace, he has survived the crisis period once again," Nathan said sweetly. He knew exactly how to make his mother happy with mindfully crafted words. And just as Nathan had expected, there was now an expression of satisfaction and tranquility on Daisy's face. Just a moment later, Daisy said, "Nathan, I've called Damian back. Since your uncle has not been keeping well, we need a more stable and strong person in our company's senior managerial position. I'm going to have him replace your uncle and take up the post of General Manager at the JS International." "Okay, you have the final say on everything!" Nathan replied respectfully. However, deep inside, he did not agree with his Mom's decision. Rather, he was quite upset. As the only son of Luke, Damian had always acted as a rival to Nathan since they were children. Now he had just graduated from an American university with a master's degree in finance. His mother, Dilma, stayed with him in America. Now, they had come back together. "When your cousin joins the company, you should help him to learn the nitty-gritty of the business. You know, he is inexperienced," Daisy said as she creased her brow. "Of course, I'll help him, Mom. We are family," Nathan spoke with his tongue in his cheek. But at the core of his heart, he actually wanted to tear Luke up! Daisy looked relieved after hearing the reassuring words from Nathan. A complacent look spread over Daisy's face as she started to eat the walnut from the plate without e

oked like Jason had caught him red-handed. "Well, if you have met a girl you like, just tell me and bring her home to see your mother. I will certainly support you!" Jason spoke aloud with a generous smile. Jason was very well aware of Nathan's past relationship. He knew Nathan's failed love was the most painful thing in his heart. So he and Daisy had always been supportive of him. They had allowed him to choose the girl of his choice. Jason was confident that the Jin Family didn't need to develop their family business through a commercial marriage. Nathan had never again fallen in love since he lost his first love years ago. Nathan felt very proud of his open-minded and supportive parents. They had an enormous family business. But his parents had never asked him about his private life. Jason and Daisy had a loving marriage, so they hoped that their son could find a girl of his choice. They were not going to interfere in that matter. They only wished that their future daughter-in-law would love Nathan wholeheartedly, and that's all.

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