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   Chapter 33 A Henpecked Husband.

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In the villa of the Jin Family

Nathan paced down the speed of the car to answer his mother's call. While he was on the way to his apartment, he received the call from his mother, who urged him to go to the villa of the Jin Family immediately. Nathan knew that no amount of logic could help him refuse his mother. He had no alternative but to drive back to the villa.

Ever since Nathan had taken over JS International, he had moved out of his villa. He had set up his living space in an apartment spanning over 300 square meters. He liked the privacy and tranquility he enjoyed in the apartment as opposed to the villa where his mother, Daisy, kept nagging him all the time. Feeling annoyed, he had finally moved out. When Nathan arrived at the villa of the Jin Family, all the servants stood in two rows beside the fountain most customarily and waited to receive him.

After parking his car, Nathan jumped out of the car and walked straight to the living room. In the resplendent and magnificent living room, a huge crystal lamp shone brightly and dazzlingly. On the wall around the room, there were famous European paintings of the eighteen century, and all of them were exquisite and precious.

On the sophisticated leather sofa, a lady with ruddy cheeks and a plump figure sat smiling brightly. Seated beside


Jason often asked himself what had made him so blind to marry this woman. In his younger days, there were so many drop-dead gorgeous girls pursuing him. But he had eyes for none other than Daisy. Hence, it was life's little irony that he had reaped what he had sown!

"Oh, Mom! I wanted to tell you in the beginning, but it was my uncle who stopped me by saying that he was fine, and he didn't want you to worry about him," Nathan replied with a smile. He was aware that Luke would never speak ill of him in front of his mother. Hence, he could confidently say whatever he wanted to say.

"But it was very important information, not just a casual thing. You shouldn't have kept the truth from me. You are well aware of your uncle's poor health condition. What if something terrible had happened to him?" Daisy was certainly not willing to let it pass so easily.

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