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   Chapter 32 Have A Care For Your Words

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"You are my wife. I will eat whatever you like," Nathan asserted happily. "Mr. Jin, please have a care for your words. Who is your wife? Did I ever accept it?" Mandy blurted, thinking what Nathan claimed was totally ridiculous and shameless. "Do you deny that you have slept with me before?" he drawled, staring at her with a touch of rare tenderness in his eyes. 'Shit!' Mandy cursed in her mind. "Ha-ha!" Mandy let off a sneer. The atmosphere suddenly became tense and embarrassing. Of course, Mandy refused to say anything to Nathan. She was not even interested in knowing what he was going to do. A waiter soon came over with a dish in his hands at this precise moment, saving her from further embarrassment. Mandy merely looked away and pulled a long face. They both ate in silence. Nathan seemed to be enjoying his meal. He was in a good mood. And playing tricks on Mandy made him feel pleasant. "Nathan, Did your mother come to the hospital today?" Mandy tentatively asked. Hearing her and noting the hesitation in her voice, Nathan suddenly stopped cutting his steak. 'Damn it, why is she back so soon?' he thought. The relationship between Daisy and Luke had been good since their childhood. Daisy had always been dependent on her brother, so she completely trusted him.

r way home. He didn't joke with her or flirt with her, which made her feel more embarrassed. Now, she was confused about whether she should say something to him before she opened the door. Mandy hesitated. "Well, Thank you for inviting me to dinner," Mandy finally said. Nathan only glanced at her coldly, his face devoid of any expression. "You're welcome." Mandy pouted and promptly got out of the car. She had explicitly gotten nothing at the dinner, and they hadn't talked about the most important thing. 'Does Nathan want to make me anxious to the point of death?' she mentally asked herself. After all, her father was still at the police station. After taking a couple of steps, Mandy then heard the sound of the car roaring off at a very high speed. Stopping in her tracks, she watched as the black Lamborghini disappeared around the corner.

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