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   Chapter 31 Nathan's Mother

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Updated: 2020-01-13 10:29

When Mandy noticed her entering Luke's ward, a cry suddenly burst out inside. Something felt uncanny, so she managed to have a look.

"I am sorry for coming in. Is everything alright here?" Mandy pushed the door open, barely frowning.

A lady in her early forties had settled on the bedside, with one hand holding a handkerchief and the other on Luke's hand, sobbing. Her makeup was so appealing as if it had been done by an exclusive makeup artist. There was no sign of gaining weight, and her skin was fair and elastic for her age. Surely, she was cared for by just the look of her well-maintained appearance.

"Don't laugh at me, Mandy. By the way, this is my sister. She just flew back from America," Luke explained to Mandy as he placed a hand on her shoulder, comforting Daisy.

Hearing this, Daisy gazed upon Mandy and said politely, "Hello, Dr. Zhou. I heard that it was you who did the surgery for my brother. Thank you very much."

Mandy felt flattered by the unexpected gratefulness she received. If she guessed it right, the woman in front of her must be Nathan's mother. She looked very gentle. Her behavior revealed a graceful etiquette of a lady, which was quite contrary to her son's crank ways and manner. Mandy thought that it might be the result of the mutation of the gene...


ladly took the menu from him. Looking through the listed dishes, she thought to herself that she must choose the most expensive meal since it was free, after all. Yet, she reminded herself that she must not order any kind of liquor because her capacity for alcohol was unpleasant. Due to that, Mandy perceived that it was necessary for her to practice a lot in order to increase her drinking tolerance.

"Well, that is all." Mandy took a pen to circle the cuisine on the menu lightheartedly as she thought, 'Well, tonight, I'm going to cost a fortune. Nathan, I could eat a horse!'

Without even glancing at what Mandy had ordered, Nathan called a waiter over and instructed, "I would like to order exactly the same dishes as the lady."

Mandy twisted her mouth as she asked, "How can you decide to order the same food without even taking a look at what I ordered?"

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