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   Chapter 30 Better Go To The Psychiatry Department.

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"Well, I have done a checkup. There is nothing wrong with your heart. Take some proper rest when you go back. If you still feel the pain, come back to the hospital for a follow-up," Mandy cut straight to the point. She knew that Nathan was here to flirt with her, so she didn't get angry with him. After all, she was a doctor, a doctor with good medical ethics!

"Really? Are you sure my heart is all right?" Nathan asked with a somber expression.

"Yes, I'm absolutely sure of it. Your heart is in very good condition," Mandy nodded and, after a pause, replied earnestly. Mandy tried to maintain her professional ethics despite Nathan's annoying ways.

"But can you explain why do I feel this pain in my heart? It must be love-sickness! What say you?" Nathan replied with a cynical smile.

Mandy didn't pay heed to Nathan's words. Though she hadn't spent much time with him, she had already seen through him. Nathan was indeed a wolf in sheep's clothing. At that time, she did not bother to argue with him. She just swiped his card again and wished that he could leave immediately. But Nathan was in no mood to let go so easily. He apparently wanted to pester Mandy. He suddenly placed his big hand on the back of Mandy's hand and let her feel his warmth.

Mandy was shocked but refrained from reacting. She withdrew her hand right away. After putting the magnetic card into the notebook, Mandy flashed a cordial smile and said, "Mr. Jin, you can go back home now?"

"Are you so eager to drive me away?" Nathan replied as he smiled playfully. At that moment, he was yet to button up his shirt.

"Please don't be so capricious. You know, many other patients are waiting outside."

"But as a doctor, you haven't cured my illness yet."

"What are you talking about? Do you want to challenge me?" Mandy stopped smiling and retorted in an angry tone. She felt that Nathan had come to the hospital on purpose only to mess with her.

"Of course! I have doubts about your medical skill!"

"According to my examination, there's nothi

ng wrong with your heart. If you are still unsatisfied with my diagnosis, I would advise you to get an X-ray done first."

"Who on earth recruited you for this job? Did you get here through the back door? Your medical skills are poor, your attitude bad," Nathan asked with a heinous smile. He started to button up his shirt with his slender fingers.

"I think you had better go to the psychiatry department. Should I transfer your medical records over there right now?" Mandy answered coldly with her eyes fixed on the screen of the computer.

"I would like to go to the hospital director to complain about you right away!" Instead of getting angry, Nathan spoke aloud and laughed wildly.

"That's exactly what I want!" Mandy bellowed at Nathan with gritted teeth.

"You look so beautiful when you get angry. Don't fret over it anymore. As your future husband, I won't frustrate you and make things difficult for you. Let's have dinner together tonight, okay?"

"Hey, I haven't yet said yes. I'm afraid I'll vomit up all I have eaten if I have dinner with you," Mandy refuted scornfully. It turned out that Nathan had gone a long way to invite her to dinner. Mandy realized it with embarrassment.

"It doesn't matter if you vomit up. You know, I can take care of you! By the way, will you come to a hotel with me?" Nathan blurted shamelessly.

"Get out! Get out of here right now!" Mandy bellowed as she put the medical record into Nathan's hands. By this time, Mandy was fuming in rage. Her face had turned red, and her ears felt warm.

"I'll wait for you at five-thirty this evening, Venice Restaurant," Nathan said before he turned around and left. It took Mandy a minute to catch her breath after Nathan had left. She took a sip of water to calm her nerves. Before leaving the hospital that day, Mandy went to make a round of the patient's ward to see how her patients were doing. Suddenly, Mandy saw a lady in a dress out of Chanel's latest autumn collection, running around the hallway, with her face strewn with tears.

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