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   Chapter 28 Good Morning

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"Good morning," Nathan said huskily.

Mandy ignored him and turned around. She didn't want to see him at all.

"What's wrong?" he said while still looking at her lovely face as the scant rays of sunlight penetrating the window lit it. "Do you really hate me so much?" Nathan asked in a joking tone to lighten up the mood. He was in a good mood, wearing a smug smile on his face. Nathan was delighted to have owned Mandy twice. What made him even happier was her virginity. Being her first was indeed a surprise.

"Ha-ha-ha. Funny, isn't it?" Mandy sneered. Of course, it was unnecessary for Nathan to ask such a stupid question with an obvious answer.

"Tell me what you want. Name it," Nathan offered seriously. He thought he should compensate her. It could have been a generous offer, but his words made him sound arrogant. The offer left her silent. She bit her lips and clenched her fists tightly. Seeing her trembling body, Nathan tried to comfort her by rubbing her shoulders, but she coldly rejected it.

Mandy closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and said, "My father..." When she opened her eyes, Mandy stared at Nathan nervously.

"Don't worry. Your father is fine now." Nathan gave her a warm smile with his sexy thin lips. The good news about her father calmed Mandy's restless heart and somehow gave her peace of mind. Mandy was speechless at the sudden comfort.

To break the silence, Nathan chuckled, "Get up. Put your clothes on, and I'll take you home."

Mandy hated following his commands like a servant. She couldn't bear his bossy attitude, so instead of following him, she buried herself under the quilt.

"You're not getting up?" The look on Nathan's face was still calm, but there was a hint of haughtiness in his tone. Mandy didn't say a word. She just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. "Fine. If you don't want to get up, let's have another round."

When she realized what he meant, Mandy quickly moved and sat up on the bed with the quilt covering her sleek, full breasts and down to her flawlessly slim legs. Her exposed sexy shoulder was round and fair,

and her hair fell on her collarbone. Mandy pulled the quilt tighter to her body, and she fiercely stared at Nathan.

Nathan wore a playful smile. He was just kidding and didn't expect that Mandy would come out so quickly. How innocent she was.

"You put on your clothes first. Mine is apparently damaged." Her face turned red as she stared at her shirt on the blanket. It had been torn by Nathan. How could she wear it now?

Nathan opened the drawer and pulled out a dress from the bedside table. He handed it to her and said domineeringly, "Put it on."

She didn't expect that. 'How could there be a dress here?' Mandy thought with confusion. It was pink, and she liked pink.

"I'm going to change my clothes in the bathroom. You can change here. Call me when it's done, and I'll come out," Nathan said with a teasing smile as he walked away, almost naked. He was only wearing boxers with his evident morning wood.

Mandy turned around and closed her eyes tightly. When he was out of sight, Mandy put on the dress in a flash. Embarrassed with her nudity, she did her best to get dressed and ready the fastest way she could.

"You may come out," Mandy said after a glance at herself in the mirror. When she didn't hear a response, Mandy stood awkwardly outside the fitting room and knocked on the door.

Nathan came out with a handsome smile on his face. He was tall and straight in a suit, looking very handsome and unrestrained. She was awestruck but did not make it obvious. Instead, she rolled her eyes and thought to herself, 'A wolf in sheep's clothes.'

When they reached the parking lot, Nathan walked straight to a black Lamborghini sports car. Mandy caught a glimpse of the Lamborghini and muttered coldly, "Vulgar."

"You will be as vulgar as me soon," he replied without expression. He was not mad at Mandy's words at all. Instead, he was impressed by it.

Mandy turned her head and said with contempt, "Humph, it won't happen. Never." At that moment, Nathan saw a different side of Mandy–childish, innocent, and beautiful. It was as perfect as the other woman in his memory.

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