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   Chapter 27 Saving A Video As Evidence

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"You are the devil, Nathan. I promise, you will regret it!" Mandy screamed while thrashing with her fists. Though she wanted to stop him, she felt that the strong desire in her body was slowly invading her sanity as if what Nathan had said was right.

"For what?" Nathan sneered. The cold emotion that reflected in his eyes made Mandy miserable, thinking there was no mercy left in him.

"I will accuse you of raping me! You won't get away with this!" Mandy glared as tears sprung out her eyes.

"Really? Do you mean it? I'll record the video later so that when you go to the court, it can serve as evidence," Nathan mocked with a smirk that creased his face.

"Son of a bitch! You are a rapist!" Tears welled up in Mandy's eyes. She had never before been insulted and humiliated like this.

Seeing Mandy's pitiful look, Nathan almost had mercy on her. However, the rage that was circling in his mind immediately shattered his sympathy. "Mandy, don't pretend to be innocent. Do you think I don't know that you want it now?"

That recent night, Nathan and Mandy had engaged in sex several times. Every touch and kiss had caused Nathan to want her more. He couldn't forget the shared arousal with her in his bed. After that night, he had come to know Mandy so well.

Now, Mandy felt the humiliation surround her, so her face turned green out of rage, and she roared, "Get out of here, Nathan, get out!"

"Okay. I'll get out of here. You can get out with me." Just then, a ripping sound echoed in the air as Mandy's shirt was torn apart. When the shirt was ripped open, Mandy subconsciously covered her chest with her hands. Her porcelain skin seemed so soft that the air could pierce it. Yet, the scars that had been hidden on her chest left Nathan stunned. It was a long scar.

'She was in such pain at that time. But why didn't she die?' Nathan thought to himself with a furrowing brow.

"Get your dirty hands off of me, you scumbag!" Mandy acted restlessly, for she didn't know how her hands could cover her naked body. She sweated when she noticed the lust in Nathan's eyes, making her cheeks imm

ediately heat up.

The corners of Nathan's lips twitched up into an evil smile. "Didn't you ask me to get out of here, Mandy?"

Of course, Mandy knew she could not stop Nathan anymore. Surely, he had been holding in the strong desire to take action. As he thrust his member into her spot, she felt an instant stinging pain in her body. Her eyes grew wide, and then she simultaneously hit Nathan's chest with her fists.

Suddenly, Nathan gawked at Mandy's tears slipping from her eyes. In her tears, he saw the reflection of his irises, glowing like the stars in the night sky, and a warm smile plastered on his face as he leaned forward to claim her lips. Nathan kissed her passionately and wildly as if he was ready to devour her whole. It was a long night filled with passion.

In the early morning, sunshine shone into the room through the gap between the thick curtains.

Nathan had already woken up. He hadn't developed the habit of sleeping late, but the person in his arms hadn't woken up. After the long and wild night, Nathan was very satisfied at seeing Mandy so very exhausted that she had fallen fast asleep in his arms again. A grin showed up in his face every now and then. With her eyes closed, she looked delicate and innocent, which attracted Nathan. Nathan had never been like this. He had never stared at a woman for such a long time like this before. He doubted from the bottom of his heart that Mandy was a prig because she could sleep for so long. It had been two and a half hours since he had opened his eyes. It seemed that Mandy was really tired after last night. He heaved out a deep sigh and stared at the ceiling, waiting patiently, when suddenly, the woman in his grip flinched.

Mandy was now fully awake, and she frowned at the scene– when she found that she was lying in Nathan's arms. For a moment, Mandy was stunned until she realized what had just occurred last night. The picture of her crying as Nathan proudly insulted her came to her mind, but she couldn't remember what had happened next. Now, she only felt pain throughout her body, making her scowl even more.

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