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   Chapter 26 It's Better That You Don't Mind It

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Perhaps tonight, Mandy was doomed to be with Nathan.

"My dear, it's pointless to be angry." He brushed her arms. "Come on, let me help you calm down," Nathan said slowly. After a few steps, he scooped Mandy up without a word and carried her out of the bar.

When they were out, a gust of cold wind blew, and Mandy felt much more comfortable. She felt a little cold and couldn't help but lean closer to Nathan.

'Why do I enjoy being this close with Nathan now?' Mandy wondered. Mandy was surprised by the unlikely comfort. She must be crazy. When she was about to struggle, Nathan had already put her inside the car. Mandy suddenly came to her senses, but her body heat was increasing. While in the passenger's seat, she tried to release some heat by pulling her clothes away from her body and to let some air touch her skin.

"In heat? I guess your body was telling you need to release those female hormones by making love tonight," Nathan humorously said while settling in the driver's seat. Nathan leaned over to fasten the seat belt for Mandy.

"You wish!" Mandy glared at him. Her eyes were furious with disgust as she struggled to get out of the car.

But Nathan was swift. He had already locked the door and buckled the seat belt. He said, "You're ready, aren't you?"

Being aware that she was trapped, Mandy didn't know what to say, nor how to react. She only heard the sound of the wind blowing in her ears.

When they reached the Fantasy Hotel, Mandy had almost exhausted her remaining energy after having drunk too much alcohol. Nathan parked the car in the basement and went into the elevator with Mandy in his arms.

Mandy felt so sedated that she could no longer resist. "This must be crazy." She tried to open her eyes, but the bright light was blinding, so she closed her eyes again and asked in a weak voice, "Hey, where on earth are you taking me?" In her mind, Mandy panicked as she had already guessed the answer. She knew that Nathan was taking her to a private room.

When they reached the 13th floor, they entered Room 1314, the presidential suite. "Relax, I don't need you to marry me. Just stay with me for one night as a reward," Nathan whispered. Nathan pressed his finger on the door's access pad, and i

t opened automatically.

"So many women would throw themselves at you. Why me?" Mandy felt uneasy and anxious when she saw the door close. She released a shallow sigh as she closed her eyes in worry.

"Really? That's what bothers you?" Nathan asked as he walked towards the bed. The dim light enabled Mandy to open her eyes. She noticed a smirk at the corner of Nathan's mouth.

"No, I don't mind at all. That's a nonsense question," Mandy said to pull the last string of her pride. She didn't mind if he went out with a hundred women every day. It was none of her business.

"Good. I don't mind, either," Nathan said jokingly. He threw Mandy on the bed like a piece of paper.

Mandy's slim figure looked so light and was effortlessly carried by Nathan's manly physique. Mandy felt her body drooping heavily. When she leaned against the bed and swept her eyes around her, she realized the extent of danger she was in.

"What! You bastard," she yelled. Her head was still heavy, but Mandy tried to get up. Before she could set her feet on the floor, Nathan came over to her and took off his suit. She couldn't move as she was pressed down by Nathan, so she could only stare at him with fierce eyes. Nathan sneered, bent over, and slowly kissed Mandy on her neck. Mandy felt the electricity spread all over her body, and her body became stiff. She tried hard to push Nathan away, but he was like a huge stone pressing her down so hard that she gasped for air.

"Stop struggling. I know that you want me, too," Nathan teased. Looking at the desire on Mandy's face, he knew that she was really trying to endure.

"You are not qualified to be the master," Mandy said angrily. She didn't mean it, but she said it to insult and turn him off, hoping he would stop.

"Really?" Nathan said in disbelief. "Then you'd better try and see whether I am qualified to satisfy your desire," he challenged. There was a hint of irritation in his voice.

'What did she mean by not qualified? To be the most powerful man?' Nathan thought furiously. That was a ridiculous opinion because there were so many women who wanted to have sex with Nathan. If he did not have self-discipline, perhaps he could have fathered several children by now to prove his virility.

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