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   Chapter 25 Are You Willing To Repay Me

Billionaire's Gift By SADIE PORTER Characters: 3925

Updated: 2020-01-10 00:06

His face was so expressive. The powerful man looked familiar. The stranger recognized that the man in front of him was none other than Nathan Jin, the CEO of the JS International.

"Get out of here!" Nathan said in a low yet commanding voice. Nathan's piercing dark eyes were fixed on him.

The man was so frightened that his legs wobbled, and he struggled to walk away. He was certain that offending Nathan was not a good move.

Upon hearing Nathan's frightening voice, Mandy came back to her senses in a second. She realized Nathan was holding her in his right arm.

"It's you…" she stammered. "What are you doing here?" she asked in amazement. Mandy stared at Nathan with her eyes as wide as saucers. She didn't expect anyone to save her, much less Nathan.

"I happened to be here for business," Nathan replied. The look on his face softened as he put on his twinkling eyes and disarming smile.

"Oh..." Mandy gasped. "Thank you!" she added scantly. Mandy didn't know what to say. She was in total shock. Nathan would always appear from nowhere when she least expected. He was always there, disturbing her. Mandy reminded herself to be grateful instead of ridiculing him. After all, Nathan just saved her life.

"Are you willing to repay me?" Nathan asked frankly. His voice was bewitching. Another fear of uncertainty enveloped her.

Mandy was astonished at his question. Alarm bells rang in her head, so she feigned puzzlement, "What do you mean?" She didn't know why Nathan was being difficult.

'Why would he take advantage of my weakness?' she wondered. Still tipsy, she almost lost her balance. She would have fallen to the ground if Nathan hadn't strongly held her in his arms.

"The good man who saves others never asks for repayment," Mandy argued while pouting. She stared at Nathan in a daze. Nathan's face was so close to hers, and his handsome features became clear in front of her: his well-chiseled face, thin lips, and dark

seductive eyes. She swallowed in the pleasure of being close to him as she rejected all the desires she felt.

"I'm a businessman, and I don't settle on a lost deal," Nathan teased. He effortlessly wore a charming smile as he drew her closer by her waist.

Mandy felt uncomfortable, and she struggled to free herself and cried, "Let me go, pervert!" At first, Mandy had been grateful that Nathan had saved her life. But the words Nathan said had turned her off. She found it too inappropriate and very ungentlemanly of him. Indeed he had saved Mandy but with a hidden agenda. He wanted her to pay him back.

"Yeah, I'm a pervert. Did you just realize that now?" Nathan mocked. He quickly loosened his grip on her.

Mandy immediately fell to the ground on her knees. Feeling the pain, Mandy angrily glared at Nathan and growled, "Hey, are you crazy? Why didn't you warn me before you took your hands off?"

"Why did you call me a pervert?" he retorted.

Mandy's face darkened. She slowly stood up by leaning on the wall. With a surge of heat from anger, she blushed and said, "Such a mean guy!"

Nathan crossed his arms over his chest and stared at Mandy. Seconds later, he smirked, "Hey, lady. Are you going to crawl back home on your hands and knees like this?"

Mandy frowned and said, "It's none of your business. Just stay away from me!"

"If you go on like this, you will definitely run into real perverts," Nathan insisted with a teasing smile. His eyes were so lively as if he was waiting for something interesting to happen.

"Running into a real pervert is better than running into a terrorist like you!" Mandy was so annoyed. She pushed him away to no avail. Instead, undeterred Nathan dragged her into his arms with full strength. The smell of tobacco from Nathan made her blush. Her body felt unfamiliar waves of heat igniting her feminine senses. Nathan certainly knew what happened to her, but he wouldn't dare tell her now.

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