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   Chapter 24 Encounter With A Rogue

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Confused with Nathan's unlikely expression, he asked, "Mr. Jin, what are you looking at?" The deputy mayor did not wait for an answer and curiously looked in the direction of Nathan's gaze. He was looking at the woman sitting on the bar counter.

"Nothing," Nathan said coldly, brushing off his thoughts. He turned to the deputy mayor, hid his emotions, and tried to focus on their conversation.

"Well, Mr. Jin. Have a smoke," the deputy mayor said. He offered to light a cigarette for Nathan.

Nathan took the cigarette and sandwiched it in between his two fingers. He would hit it from time to time, hoping the nicotine would relax his nerves. Against the light, there was a faint loneliness on his face.

"Mr. Jin, what do you think about my proposal?" The deputy mayor tried to start another conversation. He moved closer. "To tell you the truth, I'm more than willing to sell at the lowest price..." he murmured near Nathan's ear.

Unfortunately, Nathan wasn't paying much attention as he hit his cigar indifferently. He was totally covered by smoke.

As Mandy was absentmindedly sitting in silence, a tall man suddenly embraced her and asked, "Hey, are you here alone?"

Horror was drawn on Mandy's face. She was so scared that she almost fell down from the chair. Mandy had drunk too much and wanted to recover in silence by sitting alone at the bar counter. She was scared to death when she saw the strange man. There was extreme panic in her eyes when she stared at the man and asked, "Who are you? What are you doing?" she almost screamed.

"Who am I? Don't worry. I'm a good man," the stranger said with a smile without saying his name. "My friends are all in the booth over there. Would you like to join us?" the man asked as he gestured, pointing to a group of people.

"No," Mandy sternly refused. She shook her head and felt so helpless.

'Why do I suddenly feel dizzy? Did I drink too much

?' she asked herself.

"Miss, it's boring to be alone. I promise you will be happy with me," the man murmured beside her ear. Mandy distanced herself and felt irritated when the man winked at her viciously.

"Stay away from me! Or I'll call the police!" Mandy pushed him away and threatened him. However, she felt like she was moving in circles, her head was getting heavier, and her body was strangely hot.

Unshaken by Mandy's refusal, the man said, "Wow, what a hot temper!" Challenged and irritated, he pulled Mandy's arms.

Mandy looked around for help. She didn't find any acquaintance as her colleagues were in the private room. No one here would notice her since it was normal for a man and a woman to stay together in a bar. Mandy was terrified at the thought of that.

The man was dragging her towards the bathroom. Mandy felt too feeble to even shout for help while struggling.

"Hel..." She took a deep breath. After gathering all her strength, she shouted, "Help!" Mandy was shocked by her own voice.

'How did it come to this?' she was wondering. She could barely hear her own voice, with it being too low.

"Come on baby." The man put his arm around her to hide her resistance. Realizing that the man was about to pull her into the bathroom, Mandy aggressively bit the man's arm with anger. The man let her go in pain. But her legs seemed wobbly, and she couldn't run as fast as she wanted.

"You bitch! How dare you bite me!" the man said angrily with such fury in his red eyes. His male ego turned him into a monster. He raised his hand, intending to give her a heavy slap. But before it could reach Mandy's face, someone pulled Mandy away from him.

The strange man almost fell on the ground. He looked carefully when he regained his balance. There was a handsome man standing in front of him whose eyes were filled with a terrifying and bloodthirsty desire to beat someone to death.

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