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   Chapter 21 Dealing With A Scumbag

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"Are you fooling around with me? Is this just an act?" Mandy asked in distress. She couldn't read what was going on in Nathan's mind. Nathan chuckled.

"Look, this is not a play, but a rehearsal. Life is like a drama. For now, I just want you to see it clearly and not be so desperate," Nathan said slowly, allowing her to understand. His dark eyes shone against the stillness of the dark night, radiating their unique manly charm.

'Desperate?' Mandy heard the word echoing in her ears. She couldn't fight it. Her tears were about to burst from her eyes as she succumbed to self-pity. She couldn't believe Nathan called her desperate. She had always been an optimist. Mandy thought she had already mastered the art of hiding negative emotions. Unfortunately, Nathan could see through her, time and again.

"Nathan Jin, you don't know me. You know nothing. You don't have the right to judge me. We live in two different worlds. I don't want to get involved with you in any way. If ever I did you wrong, please do forgive me," Mandy said. She meant every word she said while looking firmly at his dark eyes. Mixed emotions ran through her whole body, but she was determined to tell Nathan that she wanted him out of her way…That she didn't need his help….That she was not desperate. To seal her sincerity, she bowed to him. The thought of her father being bullied in the police station and the bruises on his face caused her so much pain. But she had to be strong and never allow distress to control her life. She used to have a carefree life when she was younger, and she was determined and strong enough to get that life back.

"Two different worlds?" Nathan repeated in sarcastic confusion. "How could two worlds exist on earth?" he asked. "Stop pretending to be pure and lofty in front of me," Nathan added coldly. He was irritated at Mandy's stubbornness and great pretense.

Mandy swallowed as she couldn't find the right words to say. She knew what Nathan meant, and she could explain, but his mean confrontation left her in silence.

"Mandy, don't be so stubborn." His handsome face portrayed impatience as his eyes narrowed. He was about to say something that

might hurt her ego.

"You are singing in front of a crowd for a living..." Nathan's words were brought to a halt when Mandy's phone suddenly rang.

Mandy quickly canceled the call when she saw the caller's ID. It was Daniel. She was not in the mood to answer it.

A few seconds later, she heard her message alert tone. She checked the message and found a photo of her father...helplessly beaten by a group of people at the police office. Mandy trembled in worry, pain, and anger. She mentally stammered, 'This is horrible! How could Daniel be so cruel and merciless?!' She was about to cry again but controlled her weakness.

Concerned by Mandy's awful state, Nathan held her hand, cast a stern glance at her cell phone, and frowned.

"Was it from your ex-boyfriend?" He knew it was. He just didn't want to appear intrusive.

Mandy nodded and deleted the photo quickly. She was heartbroken at the thought that her father was unjustly and severely suffering at the police office. "Over the years, my father treated Daniel well. Now, for whatever stupid reason I don't understand, Daniel made a false charge against my father!" Mandy said furiously.

"There's nothing you can do at the moment. It's no use getting angry. The best way to deal with a scumbag is to punish him severely," Nathan calmly suggested. Though he calmly said the words, he himself was furious inside. He may have tried to hide it, but his eyes were burning with rage.

Mandy held the phone tightly as tears welled in her eyes. She could no longer hold her frustrations and expressed them out loud.

"Yes, I'm really useless! Yes, I'm good for nothing," she admitted. Lowering her head, she sobbed with her hands covering her tear-stained face, and she bit her lips in pain. She would never forget how humiliated and hurt she had been!

"Be my woman. I can give you whatever you want. I'll help you with your plans," Nathan said sharply. A hint of a malicious and insidious expression glimmered in his dark eyes. He didn't like to see Mandy wearing a sad face. He wanted to comfort her and wrap her in his strong arms at seeing the sheepish state she was in, but he controlled himself.

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