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   Chapter 18 The Distinguished Person

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The night was cold and quiet as Mandy traveled to their rendezvous.

An hour later, she arrived at her destination, the Royal International Hotel. It was the best five-star hotel in City A. It had numerous luxurious facilities such as a swimming pool, hot spring, spa club, KTV, and other entertainment venues. The grandest of it was the revolving restaurant on the top floor. The grandeur came with a price, of course. It was said that the minimum meal was 200, 000 dollars per table.

Mandy had been seven years old when she had first set foot there. Back then, she had won the grand prize of the final piano competition for primary school students. Her parents had been so proud, and they had celebrated there. Her memory was so vivid, and she could almost see them having dinner at the revolving restaurant.

Standing there, she could see the panoramic view of the city.

At night, cruise ships occupied the river. It was a breathtaking scene. As those happy memories enveloped her, tears welled in her eyes again. It was like a fragile flashback; she could see it but could not touch it. She felt insecure as those happy moments seemed to be far-fetched now, considering their present condition.

"Good evening, Ma'am! Do you have a reservation?" the hotel receptionist politely asked.

Mandy blinked back to reality and gathered her thoughts. "Good evening! Tyler Li made a reservation for our group dinner meeting. May I know where?"

"Ah, yes. The revolving restaurant on the top floor. Please follow our staff," the receptionist answered her with a warm smile. The staff guided Mandy to the said room.

When Mandy arrived at the restaurant, she saw the hospital director, Tyler Li, sitting next to an empty main seat. Harry Li was beside him as well. All the staff of the Cardiology Department was already in their seats. Apparently, she was the last one to arrive.

'Why is Tyler not in the main seat? Is there a VIP coming?' she wondered.

"Mandy, you're here!" Tyler said with a smile. He was delighted to see her arrive.

Mandy smiled back and apologized, "Yes. I'm sorry, I'm late."

"It's okay. Our distinguished guest hasn't arrived yet anyway," Tyler said. "Have a seat."

When she settled down, Mandy repeated, "Distinguished guest?" She wrinkled her forehead in puzzlement and asked, "Who?"

The next second, a good-looking towering man with fair complexion suddenly appeared at the entrance of the revolving restaurant. He looked so presentable and m

anly in his expensive suit. His handsome features were evident as the light from the crystal lamp touched his face. His presence brought silence as he caught the attention of the crowd. Only the sound of astonishment could be heard from her female colleagues. They were shocked to see him there. Nobody had expected that Nathan would join them. Tyler did mention that one distinguished guest would come, but he didn't say who it was.

Everyone was surprised, except Mandy. Her face became extremely pale. Thankfully her scant blush-on and lipstick brought color to her fair skin; otherwise, she would have looked like a corpse sitting there as she felt her blood flow. She took a deep breath and drank the water in front of her to calm her nerves.

With a big smile reaching his ears, Tyler stood up and crossed the distance between him and Nathan. He offered his hand as he greeted him "Hello, Mr. Jin!"

"Hi, Mr. Li!" Nathan replied as they shook hands. With one hand in his pocket, Nathan spoke and behaved in a noble manner. Even the arrogant Tyler Li respected him. As Tyler stood up, people from the Cardiology Department also stood up to welcome Nathan.

Mandy followed against her will and gave him a reluctant smile too. She had to behave accordingly for the sake of Mr. Li.

"You look very beautiful tonight, Dr. Zhou," Nathan said when he sat down. Surprisingly, she was the first one he noticed among the crowd.

Mandy cursed him in her head for the out-loud compliment, 'Darn it, Nathan, why say that in public? You're such a troublemaker. I don't like people staring at me.'

Mandy pulled a shy smile and slightly bowed her head. "Thank you, Mr. Jin," Mandy said, feigning gratitude. Deep inside, she wished that she would just be swallowed by the thin air and disappear in the darkness of the night.

"Have you met each other before?" Tyler asked with caution, looking from Nathan to Mandy.

Of course, nothing was impossible with Nathan Jin. Mandy was a good looking and smart woman herself. But still, he was surprised they already knew each other. Last night, Tyler had received a call from Nathan about his plan to invest 30 million dollars in JR Hospital. Tyler had been so excited that he had a hard time falling asleep. To his delight, Nathan had also proposed to have dinner with all the staff of the Cardiology Department at the Royal International Hotel, owned by JS International. The following morning, Tyler had announced the good news to everyone.

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