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   Chapter 16 Are You Afraid That I Will Kill Him

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Mandy silently counted every second in her mind. It felt like the longest 30 seconds of her life. She felt awful!

"Do you think he is dying?" Nathan asked sharply while staring coldly at Luke. At that very moment, he just wanted Luke to die in front of him. The alarm went off immediately.

"What the heck are you going to do? Don't do anything to him!" she said as a warning, ignoring the fact of how powerful Nathan was.

"What? Are you afraid that I will kill him?" Nathan asked, wearing a sardonic smile.

Mandy felt paralyzed. She didn't have any idea of why Nathan could drive her so crazy with fear, making her paranoid. Seeing Nathan twice today, she would like to believe that God had sent a fool to test her sanity.

"Mr. Jin, please don't make fun of me. He is your own uncle," Mandy said calmly. She took a deep breath to compose herself.

"Uncle?" Nathan repeated coldly.

Mandy pinched her clothes spontaneously. Every time she was rattled, she would pinch the corners of her clothes as if it gave her a better grasp of her senses.

'What family feud are they going through? How could a nephew hate his uncle this much?' Mandy thought to herself. She felt dizzy and morose at her current dilemma.

"I didn't say anything like that. You just said it yourself," Mandy answered. She didn't even know why she had to explain. Nathan naturally gave her the chills.

"When will he wake up?" Nathan asked to change the topic.

"Maybe tomorrow or the day after," Mandy stammered, apparently unsure. When she had performed the surgery on him, she knew he had been suffering from serious chronic heart disease.

"Then, Dr. Zhou, please do take care of my uncle," Nathan said courteously without emotion.

'Why the sudden change of wind? Is he trying to imply

something else?' Mandy thought. But clueless as she was, she didn't understand what he was trying to say.

"Surely, I will, Mr. Jin," Mandy replied politely nonetheless.

There was still a glint of fear inside her, but she appreciated the sudden kindness. Though she was confused, she settled for it at that moment. They might never be friends, but at least they were not enemies. Mandy was relieved when Nathan walked out of the ICU without a word. Before she took off from work, Mandy firmly reminded the two nurses to pay close attention to Luke all the time. If there was anything wrong, they must call her immediately. Although the surgery was successful this morning, nobody knew what would happen postoperatively.

Mandy went straight to the police station, after finishing her work, to visit her father. She was trembling before she entered the office. At the same time, a black Lamborghini with the plate number of A8888 parked not far from the police office. The person in the car looked indifferent as if he was watching a sad play. It was Nathan. He came to the police station after work for some business.

When Nathan saw Mandy's back and slim figure, he narrowed his eyes. With mixed emotions, Mandy saw the face of her father behind the huge transparent glass. She had not seen him for a while. As she looked closer, she noticed the collection of deep and shallow bruises on his face.

Tears flowed from Mandy's eyes. Guilt hit her. After a brief moment of hesitation, she eventually picked up the phone when her father smiled at her. She couldn't look at him. His eyes were filled with pain and sadness.

"Dad..." She sniffed. She gathered her strength and lifted her head to look at him through the glass. She never thought she would see her father there.

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