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   Chapter 15 What Hatred Do You Have

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"Oh, really?" Nathan ironically replied. "Go ahead. You may also want to call the director of the hospital," he added viciously.

Mandy rolled her eyes quickly in frustration. She swept her eyes around, and when she realized there was no help, she continued to stop Nathan alone.

"Mr. Jin, please do obey the hospital's rules and regulations." She tried to bring out her professional tone.

"Rest assured that you can visit him when the patient is out of danger." Nathan's skeptic expression told her that he wasn't totally convinced.

She did her best to be as persuasive as possible. Mandy explained that seeing him at the moment would not be of great help to the patient's fast recovery as he needed to be kept in a sterile environment. Any means of infection was strictly prohibited. She tried to stick to her arguments and reason from a medical perspective as much as possible. After all, she was pretending to protect Luke Shi as a doctor. She believed that Nathan was not there with the best intentions.

Despite all her efforts, Nathan responded to her mischievously. He took a seat as if not ready to concede on her show. "Okay, I'll wait here then." He gave a sardonic smile. He stretched his long legs and put his hands behind his head to relax.

Mandy blinked her eyes as she pulled her face. She was surprised that the CEO of JS International was not too busy. She nodded while thinking to herself, 'Looks like he intentionally wants to stay here with me and the patient. So stubborn!' She brushed off the idea and turned to Cassie, changing her tone as if she was in control, "Cassie, thank you for your help. I'll take care of this. You can go back to work now."

Mandy knew that Nathan wanted to stay with her for a while. Now that he wanted to go inside the ward, she would go inside with him as well.

Cassie rolled her eyes, knowing how dangerous Mandy's situation was. Nathan didn't look like someone who was easy to deal with.

"Okay, Mandy. I'm leaving." She took a few more glances at Nathan's handsome face before turning back.

Mandy was left standing there in silence.

"Aren't you a doctor of this hospital?" Nathan asked her in a threatening tone when Cassie was no longer in sight.

Mandy's heart beat so fast. She twitched her mouth but didn't answer. She was afraid to say the wrong words.

"If you really insist on going inside the ICU, I'll go inside with you," she said without looking at him.

Nathan looked at her in confusion. Darting an unflinching stare, she warned him, "But you have to bear the consequences. If the

patient is accidentally infected, you should take full responsibility." Mandy showed a little aggressiveness.

"That's ridiculous! How can it be my responsibility?" He blazed. "Isn't your hospital responsible for the overall well-being of the patient?" Nathan would not give in to her tricks. She was playing indifferent, but Nathan did not force her for an answer.

'Is she bluffing me?' Nathan thought. 'She is so bold. How could she?'

"I have already explained why. Visitors are not allowed inside to protect the patient's sterile environment. If you don't want to follow the protocol and continue insisting on going inside, that is your choice. The hospital is no longer accountable if you violate the rules." Confidently, Mandy raised her head and looked at Nathan.

He was apparently mad but still looked handsome with his arched eyebrows and big eyes. He took a deep breath and yielded to Mandy's profound reasoning. Nonetheless, he would not give up without a fight. He would not concede.

"I'm willing to undergo disinfection before I go in. If my uncle would still be infected after I went through the hospital's disinfection process, it would already be a liability of the hospital," he calmly said with a crooked smile.

Mandy could not defeat Nathan. He was too much to handle. She didn't know where her misery came from. Mandy used to have an easy and smooth life at work since she joined JR Hospital. Although the head of the department always discreetly bullied her, she never retaliated. As a learned person, she never let any difficulty get under her skin and was never afraid of what she would face.

But Nathan was making things too hard for her. Determined to see his uncle, Nathan cooperated well in the disinfection protocol. He also willingly changed his clothes.

"Miss Zhou, you're sweating. Are you okay?" Nathan asked. Mandy felt uncomfortable with the risk she was taking.

Upon entering the ward, Nathan sent a cold glance at Luke from a distance. His face was emotionless, but his mind was banging with ideas and questions. He didn't give him a second look.

Mandy touched her forehead when it dawned on her what Nathan had said. She was so nervous and indeed sweated a little.

"I don't know. Must be the room temperature–too hot for me. What's wrong with that?"

Nathan didn't say anything but found it funny. Mandy was definitely one of those people described as "too stubborn to admit defeat."

Mandy didn't talk too much. There was a long silence. The room was so quiet that she could only hear the ticking of the clock.

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