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   Chapter 14 Give Her A Hard Time

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It was a normal busy day at JS International.

Inside the grand CEO's office, a slim man with an expressionless face was sitting on the shiny leather sofa. He was silent while gently flipping through some documents.

"Boss, we just received a call from the hospital. Luke has been transferred to the ICU, and they said no visitors are allowed, including his family." Fred suddenly showed up at the door, bringing the news to Nathan. He knew that Nathan didn't care about Luke, and it would be better for him if Luke died.

"Really? Interesting! Did they say why?" A smile flashed in Nathan's face reaching the corners of his ears, and his eyes sparkled with deep black color. It made him dangerous yet very good-looking.

"No. Boss, there is a scheduled meeting at the company this afternoon," Fred said in reply. From the way Nathan looked, Fred knew he was not focused nor interested in the company.

"Cancel it. I have to go to the hospital now," Nathan commanded. Nathan picked up his handmade Italian coat from the sofa and rushed out.

Fred immediately followed him out of the room. He was keen on his responsibilities as the butler of the Jin Family and Nathan's assistant. As a former member of the special forces, Fred had an exemplary training.

In JR Hospital, Mandy was still worried about Luke. She decided to visit him in his ward. Just when she was about to walk out of his room, Nathan arrived wearing his very powerful aura. Cassie was behind Nathan, doing her best to stop him but to no avail.

"Sir, please!" Cassie pleaded.

"Sorry, Mr. Jin, but you can't come in," Cassie stammered.

She never thought she could see and get that close to her dream man. Her excitement controlled her, not being able to stop him.

Mandy was embarrassed when she met Nathan's eyes. They were so dark and full of suspicions.

'Oh, no! What is he doing here?' she thought to herself. 'My plan might be compromised.'

Without saying a word to Mandy, Nathan walked past her as if she wasn't there and tried to open the door.

'What th

e heck is he trying to do?' Mandy thought. She felt extremely embarrassed and worried. She couldn't think straight. What to do?

"Sorry, but you can't get in." Mandy gritted her teeth and stopped Nathan. She was sweating inside, but she couldn't put her career at risk. Suddenly, she became Luke Shi's protector.

"I want to visit my uncle. What's wrong with that?" Nathan said calmly. Without exposing her trouble, Nathan pretended that he didn't know Mandy.

Mandy was confused, but she didn't even have time to think why Nathan pretended not to know her.

'I hope he lost his memory. How could he change his mind that fast? In the safe passage, just recently, I clearly heard that he wanted Luke to be killed. Now, he's declaring that Luke is his uncle. Such a great wolf in sheep's clothing!' she thought quizzically.

"The patient is still in danger. According to the hospital rules, family members are not allowed to visit him at the moment," Mandy answered stiffly while standing in front of him. She tried to appear strong while her slim body was slightly trembling. Deep inside her, she was crying for help. She wished someone would magically save her from an awkward and dangerous situation.

"Rules. These rules were set by who?" he asked coyly. "I'm sure these rules are not meant to be strictly followed. I mean, they can be twisted. Right, Doctor Zhou? If you can go in, why can't I?" Before Mandy could open her mouth to answer, he immediately added, "If I need to wear a sterilized suit before going in, I'm willing to cooperate."

He was totally different from the way he had behaved when he threatened Mandy in the safe passage.

"I'm sorry, Sir." Mandy took a deep breath to release some tension inside her and gathered her thoughts. "Rules are rules and cannot be broken. This is an important protocol. If you insist on staying, I'll call security," Mandy said seriously. She would never let him in because he was a dangerous person. Not only would Luke Shi's life be put in danger, but also her reputation as a doctor.

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