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   Chapter 13 The Vicious Nathan

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'Oh!' Mandy wrinkled her forehead and thought to herself, 'Wasn't Luke Shi the patient who underwent surgery this morning? He suffered from a serious myocardial infarction.'

The words of Nathan reverberated in her ears, "Kill him. Make it look like a medical accident."

She released a deep sigh and thought, 'Luke is my patient, and he's my responsibility. If anything goes wrong with him, I would be blamed as his attending doctor.'

While contemplating, Cassie Jiang came in.

She was an intern nurse at JR Hospital who recently graduated from a nursing school. Mandy and Cassie had developed a good friendship, probably because they were of the same age. They were both 22 years old.

"Hey, Mandy, you work so hard. I guess you haven't taken your lunch yet." Cassie was holding a box meal for Mandy when she entered the room. Mandy gave her a warm smile for her thoughtfulness. She was definitely hungry after the surgery. However, she had lost her appetite after meeting Nathan.

"Thank you, Cassie. How did you know I haven't taken my lunch yet?" Mandy stood up and pulled out a chair. "Please sit down."

Cassie followed willingly.

"Of course. We have lunch together every day," she said. "I asked Doctor Yang, and he said that you had a surgery this morning. So I thought you mustn't have had lunch yet." Cassie looked adorable with her sweet smile and beautiful almond eyes.

As Mandy opened the meal box, she asked, "Cassie, do you know anything about Luke Shi?" She tried to hide the curiosity in her voice.

"What?" Cassie exclaimed with her eyes big as saucers. "Seriously? You don't know him? He is the General Manager of JS International."

Truth was, Mandy had been away for a long time. When she came back, she didn't dwell much on gossip; hence, she didn't have the slightest idea who Luk

e Shi was.

"If I'm not mistaken, I did a surgery on him this morning," Mandy said while nodding and looking blankly at the wall.

"Yes. It was him." Cassie confirmed with an innocent smile.

"Can you tell me more about him? I mean, what's he like?" Mandy asked without changing her tone as if it was just a normal question about an ordinary patient.

Cassie was born and raised in City A. Apparently, she knew a lot about the well-known personalities of the city.

"The CEO of JS International, Nathan Jin, is his nephew. He seems to be finely cultured with a strong personality. Oh! Not to mention, an intriguing background, too," Cassie explained with a twinkle in her eyes.

It would take days if Cassie narrated everything she knew about Nathan Jin. The good thing was that Mandy did not ask further. Things became complicated for Mandy. If Luke Shi was Nathan's uncle, it meant that Nathan intended to kill his very own uncle.

'How could such a cruel person exist in this world?' Her mind boggled, and her forehead creased in disbelief. Cassie noticed her bewildered expression.

"Mandy, what's wrong? Are you okay?" Cassie slightly pushed Mandy to get her attention.

"Nothing," Mandy said blankly. "Cassie, please transfer Luke Shi to the ICU as soon as possible." She was calm, hoping Cassie would not probe her. Mandy came up with a good idea to keep Luke Shi safe. She was determined to keep him away from Nathan Jin and any possible danger.

"But why? Is he seriously ill?" Cassie asked with confusion.

"Yes. Since you mentioned that he is the uncle of the boss of JS International, I think we should be responsible enough and give him special treatment. Don't you think so?" Mandy said with a sweet smile and convinced herself that an innocent girl like Cassie would believe her white lie.

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