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   Chapter 12 Confrontation

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Mandy took a deep breath and stammered, "What do you want me to say? I told you, I didn't hear anything."

She stood firm with her denial. She raised her head to meet Nathan's sharp gaze and played it like a weak and innocent lady. She would never admit she heard their private conversation.

Nathan was not buying her show, so he calmed himself not to hurt her further. "Well, then, I'll teach you a lesson."

He swiftly released her from his grip in frustration. Mandy lost her balance and almost tumbled.

"Fred," Nathan called his companion in a deep commanding voice. Fred rushed towards them and stood behind Nathan. He was wearing a black suit and poker face.

Mandy got more scared, looking at his expressionless face.

"What will you do?" Mandy asked with a challenge. "We are in a hospital!" she added with confidence. She was nervous but tried to conceal her fear with grit. Her blood was rushing, and she could almost hear the pounding of her heart, ready to blow off her chest. She leaned against the wall to support her balance.

"So what?" Nathan replied with unrelenting power. He smirked, thinking about her challenge. "Believe it or not, I can get this hospital closed tomorrow if I want to," Nathan said calmly, implying that everything was under his control. There was distinct aggressiveness lurking in his simple words that made breathing pretty hard for Mandy.

"If you are that powerful around here, who are you, and what is your position here?" Mandy was doubtful about his claim and thought it was just an act of delusional bragging. Her fear faltered, and she gave a faintly mischievous smile.

'He was just bluffing, ' she said in her head. She had encountered such people before. She had also noticed that Nathan was being childish by trying to coerce and seduce.

"Are you questioning me? You don't believe me, do you?" Nathan was surprised at the strange and doubtful attitude.

He thought, 'No one has ever been so bold to question me with such an inquisitive tone.'

Mandy nodded her h

ead firmly and said, "Yes! And let me remind you that we are in the hospital. There are surveillance cameras in every corner. If you don't believe me, you can check it for yourself."

There was silence. Nathan didn't bother to look around, but he knew that Mandy was right. Indeed, the hospital was covered by installed surveillance cameras, especially for this kind of safe passage.

"You're right." His eyes narrowed and gave her a penetrating and calm look. Mandy got uneasy at the uncertainty of events.

He asked in a cold deep voice, "Do you think you can threaten me with this excuse?" With a quizzical look in his eyes, he gleamed a crooked smile on his thin lips.

'Threaten?' Mandy repeated the word in her mind. She had no intention of threatening Nathan. She just wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. She didn't even dare to admit that she was a doctor in this hospital because she was afraid that he would impose unimaginable troubles here in the future.

"Mr. Jin, I'm really sorry if I offended you, but I swear that I didn't hear anything. I'm very busy. May I leave now?" Mandy asked pleasantly with a forced smile and slightly trembling voice. She kept smiling in the quiet passage. She felt better after saying those words.

"Remember what you said today. Pretend that you didn't hear anything, or you'll be sorry." He warned Mandy with both sincerity and coldness in his face and then left her in the dark corner. Mandy pulled her lips in silence and blinked her eyes. The shock in her face was evident. She couldn't believe she survived such a difficult situation.

"Whew!" she released her breath, which she held for a second.

'That was indeed dangerous.' When she went back to the office, Mandy sat in her chair and quietly read the patient's condition report. She could still hear the words Nathan said, especially that name, Luke Shi! The name sounded familiar to her, but she was sure she didn't know him personally. As she studied the case, to her surprise, she saw the name, Luke Shi!

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