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   Chapter 11 I Heard Nothing

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Mandy stayed where she was. It was too late to exit as she might be suspected of eavesdropping. She stared at the dangerous man and could tell that he wasn't a simple man. The voice was cold and surprisingly familiar to her, but she just couldn't point exactly to whom it belonged.

'But who was the man they were talking about killing?' she wondered. 'Luke Shi?' She didn't know the man, but the name sounded familiar to her. Her mind boggled. While trying hard to sort through her memory for a clue who he was, she was awestruck when she heard the deep male voice again. The voice was pleasant to the ear, sounding like a cello. Good as it was, the coldness could make people shiver in fright.

"Who's that?" he asked as if telling her she should show herself. The cold voice was emotionless like interrogating an enemy. Despite the hot summer air, Mandy shivered in extreme cold. Her limbs were frozen, and her blood flustered all over her body. His voice effortlessly crippled her.

Mandy slowly raised her head but could only see his back.

The man turned around and, with the faint light from the high glass windows, she saw his face. When their gaze met, Mandy's eyes opened wide in surprise and recognition. The man's good-looking dark eyes were full of coldness, penetrating her. She was oddly shaking in fear. His expression warned her of impending danger.

'It is Nathan Jin!' She swallowed in shock. Mandy wished for a magical exit where she could quickly run away.

"I swear, I didn't hear anything," she finally said after releasing deep breaths to calm herself.

"Ha-ha-ha! Yeah, right!" The man sarcastically grinned. His eyes narrowed and radiated a fierce, uncompromising power.

When he saw her pale and perturbed face, the smile in his eyes deepened. It was obvious that Mandy was scared and was hiding something. He moved his head at a slight angle and raised his eyebrow with his eyes still glued on her.

'If you didn't hear anything, how did you know that we were talking? Silly woman!' Nathan thought to himself.

He stepped

forward towards her. Looking deeply into her eyes, he could feel her fear from her beautiful face.

Mandy shivered down her spine. The man was born with an innately powerful, cold, and oppressive aura radiating from his body. She needed to gather all her strength to talk to him.

"You look nervous. Why?" Nathan asked with a sneer on his face while unexpectedly stepping forward closer to Mandy. He carefully took the steps to go down the stairs.

"Why am I nervous?" Mandy repeated uneasily, trying to buy some time to collect her thoughts and give him a reasonable answer.

She looked around and thought to herself, 'It's the 24th floor, where my most familiar Inpatient Department is. I'm safe.'

Nathan narrowed his eyes, moving his fair lips slightly. He scrutinized Mandy up and down with his dark eyes.

'How interesting! I meet her again today. Is this destiny?' he wishfully thought to himself. 'Or a tragedy!' Contradicting his own thoughts.

"So, are you a doctor at this hospital?" Nathan asked with a silly smile. Of course, he knew Mandy all too well. He was just enjoying playing around with her.

"I am not," Mandy bluntly denied.

'Why would I admit? I'm not that stupid, ' she silently added in her head.

"If you're not a doctor, why are you wearing a white coat?" Mandy saw a trace of a sneer in Nathan's eyes. She managed to fake a faint laugh to calm her nerves and clasped both hands on the coat.

"Oh, this? Ha-ha-ha. I'm wearing it for fun," she lied to hide her fear. To cover her guilt, she flashed a warm sweet smile, as if trying to melt the coldness in his eyes.

Just when she thought she was playing well with her pretense, Nathan forcefully grabbed her shoulders. He was so strong that Mandy almost burst into tears. Fortunately, she was able to bear such pain. She took a deep breath to compose herself.

"You are so stubborn, lady! Tell me, what on earth did you hear?" Nathan's rage was filled with impatience. His cold eyes half narrowed. He hated it when people played silly games like this with him.

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