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   Chapter 10 Eavesdropping

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It was an ordinary day at the JR Hospital.

At 2 P.M., patients and medical staff scurried around, doing their own things. The sound of an ambulance was making noise outside, probably rushing up to the emergency room.

Mandy had just completed a cardiac surgery. She was about to change clothes in the dressing room when Jayleen Wen came in and greeted her. She had assisted Mandy with the surgery.

Jayleen was in her forties and was the head nurse of the Cardiology Department of JR Hospital.

"Congratulations Mandy! The surgery is another great success," Jayleen said with enthusiasm. She flashed a warm and genuine smile, apparently proud of the accomplishment.

"Thank you, Jayleen. The success was due to our excellent teamwork. Your contribution helped a lot," Mandy replied.

Mandy stretched her neck from one side to another. The operation, which lasted for six long hours, did not allow her to eat her lunch; hence, it had depleted her energy. She was exhausted and starving.

"Mandy, you are such a great asset to our hospital. You are a natural. You have only been here for two months, but your clinical skills have almost caught up with Harry Li." Jayleen pressed Mandy's hand and whispered, "They say that the director had a word with Harry yesterday and said that he would promote you next month." Jayleen's gladness was filled with hope for her. She believed that Mandy deserved such recognition.

Mandy smiled softly.

Harry Li was the head of the Cardiology Department. He was a well-known and highly respected cardiac surgeon in the city. Probably the best there was. When Mandy joined the team soon after graduating from the British university, Harry had been a little unwelcoming to her. Mandy noticed his dislike to her because her presence imposed a silent threat to his career. That was why he assigned all high-risk and difficult surgeries to her. Mandy took every challenge and turned it to her advantage as a great way to hone her skills.

"Well, if it comes with higher pay, I'll definitely invite you to dinner," Mandy demurely replied trying to hide her own excitement.

Since she joined the hospital, Jayleen had been guiding her. She had made Mandy's adjustment period easier by assisting her whenever she needed help. They had developed a good friendship, and Mandy was naturally grateful to her. Although Mandy had a competitive skill, it was not easy to survive in the hospital, especially for a newbie due to established connections and relationships among colleagues.

"That's a deal," Jaylee

n said coyly.

"Yes, we have a deal," Mandy reassured while putting on her white coat. After leaving the dressing room, Mandy went back to the 24th floor of the Inpatient Department during her lunch break. With a heavy face and boggled mind, Mandy walked to the empty corridor.

It was dim and silent. Only a glint of light from the windows of private rooms brightened the rather gloomy pathway. Whenever she was troubled, she preferred to be alone and reflect in a quiet place.

Mandy was very anxious about what had happened to her family. Her life was in turmoil with all the mixed emotions she was carrying. She was sad, angry, aggrieved, worried, and frustrated. In the past 22 years, she had been the apple of her parents' eyes. She was used to having all the affection of the people she loved. What happened yesterday dramatically changed her life. It was her first time to lose someone she loved so much. She could not believe that her first boyfriend could betray her. Mandy loved Daniel very much, but all her love turned to hatred overnight. While reminiscing about their good times together, she cried with bittersweet thoughts. With a good sleep last night, and her feet back on the job she loved, the dust had settled down. She was determined not to succumb to her unfortunate fate. She wouldn't accept defeat.

Mandy was leaning against the wall, thinking deeply about how to deal with her current circumstance. Her optimistic thoughts were put to a halt when she heard voices. Alone there in the silence, Mandy was pulled back to reality as her attention was stolen by two men who were seriously chatting.

"Boss, I think we have a good opportunity now that Luke Shi is in hospital," Fred Zou huskily whispered to Nathan.

Nathan pulled the cigarette from his mouth by neatly stacking it between his fingers. His icy cold eyes swept across the floor.

In the dim light, his beautiful thin lips opened lightly and commanded in a stern voice, "Kill him. Remember, do it discreetly and make it appear like a medical accident."

"Boss, don't you think that is too cruel?" Fred asked in hesitation. "He is your uncle!" He tried his best to deliver the words calmly. Confusion and hesitation were evident in Fred's face. If he really killed Luke, Mrs. Jin would go insane.

Without looking at him, Nathan coldly replied, "He has stolen a lot of money from JS International. He deserves it. Can you blame me for thinking of him this way?" He released a deep sigh as if he had made up his mind and gave Fred a cynical smile.

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