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   Chapter 9 Watch Me

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"So, what do you want?"

Mandy was a clever girl. She didn't like to play word games.

"Be my woman," Nathan said firmly with his cold gaze fixed on her.

Mandy laughed, but it was an empty and mirthless laughter.

"Mr. Jin, I think you have misunderstood me. For one thing, I don't need your help. Yes, my family is in trouble, but that's my own business. For another thing, we just had sex for one night, so it's not a big deal. And I hope you can keep that a secret," she replied maturely, refusing him without hesitation. She was a grown-up, and she wasn't going to do whatever Nathan wanted. More importantly, she knew that he was not a good man.

"Well, how ambitious of you. But have you ever considered that your father might find himself in danger while he's in the detention house?" Nathan shot back with the same cold look in his eyes. As he spoke, he closely watched Mandy's face. His words had obviously upset her.

"Enough! Stop!" Mandy interrupted him angrily. She felt like she was being suffocated. Whether Nathan had brought it up or not, what worried her the most at the moment was her father's safety.

"You just don't have the ability to face it. What you need now is me," Nathan said firmly. He seemed to be taking some sort of sick pleasure from his words.

'What you need now is me.' With these words hovering in Mandy's mind, she wondered why Nathan had said them. She looked straight into his dark brown eyes as she quietly waited for him to finish speaking. Since he already knew about her family situation, he must have known what he wanted to say to her next.

"I can help you solve all your problems as long as you're willing to be my woman." As Nathan casually stated his demand, a complicated expression appeared in Mandy's eyes.

'Be his woman?' Of course, Mandy knew what Nathan meant. He wanted her to be his mistress, not his wife. But Mandy didn't want to be anyone's wife, let alone a mistress. She hadn't even started to recover from the pain caused by the recent betrayal of her ex-boyfriend, Daniel. How could she trust an ar

rogant man like Nathan Jin? To her, his demand sounded like an insult. Thinking of that, she gritted her teeth.

However, Nathan added coldly, "Don't worry. It won't last long. A month at most." Nathan had barely finished his words when Mandy spoke up in a resolute tone.

"I refuse." Anger washed over her instantly.

'Why? Why should I be his mistress? And what does he mean by "a month at most?" Does he mean that I should leave when he gets tired of me?'

"What? It's not like you're a virgin. Don't pretend to be innocent. Even a prostitute can do better than you. Women like you have no right to reject me." Nathan looked a little annoyed. For the first time in his life, he was being rejected. Although he didn't show his true emotions on his face, the slight frown tugging at his lips gave him away.

'What? It's not like you're a virgin.' These words were like a cold and sharp knife digging into Mandy's heart. 'I kept my virginity for more than twenty years. But last night, I was raped by this beast. And now, he's acting like I wasn't a virgin!'

With a complacent look on his face, Nathan smiled lightly and said, "Stop struggling. There's no point in opposing me." It was undoubtedly a warning.

"Mr. Jin, you're so funny! You must have been with many prostitutes before. Otherwise, how could you know that they can do better?" Mandy was furious, but she tried to deal him a blow.

'How could he be so arrogant?' she wondered bitterly. However, Nathan merely sneered in response. The atmosphere became a bit stiff, and even Mandy noticed that something was wrong.

Nathan looked Mandy up and down with his beautiful eyes. He hadn't expected her to continue rejecting him in such a dignified manner.

'She's really not afraid of death, ' he thought to himself in surprise.

"You have no choice. I'll give you a week to think about it." These ironic words spilled from his lips with a fearful coldness. Looking at Mandy's weak appearance, Nathan just narrowed his long narrow eyes.

'Mandy Zhou, I will let you know one day that you owe me this!'

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