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   Chapter 5 You've Gone Too Far

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Mandy couldn't think of anything else that could have made her feel more heartbroken than Daniel's sudden betrayal.

She felt like an idiot because, before last night, she had never doubted him, not even for a moment.

Madeline was, of course, taken aback by this new piece of information.

There was a complex emotion in her eyes.

'No way! I can't let my baby daughter be treated like that!' she angrily thought to herself.

"Those two are despicable! To cheat on you with such a shameless bitch!" Madeline cried.

'Right now, I have to catch that bastard and his bitch, as soon as possible, ' Madeline thought to herself.

Not only had they made a fool out of her, but they had also screwed over her entire family.

But at the end of the day, Mandy was a very rational woman.

She stopped caring about Daniel's betrayal since it had already happened and had obviously been well-planned.

Right now, her priority was dealing with the problem of the missing six million dollars.

"How much working capital do we have left?" Mandy asked in an unexpectedly calm voice.

"More than a million," Madeline answered and raised her head in surprise.

She had never thought that her daughter could be so sensible at a moment like this.

A deep sense of satisfaction filled her heart.

"Have you talked to the police?" Mandy asked anxiously, frowning.

"Yes. The police are investigating."

Madeline was anxious too. She hoped that the police could get to the bottom of this issue. Otherwise, Stanley would be wronged. The company had lost so much money for unknown reasons. What was worse, it had not run smoothly over the past few years. This incident would certainly make matters worse for the Zhou Family.

Mandy felt helpless all of a sudden.

She bit her lips and said with tears in her eyes, "In a worst-case scenario, we can sell this house and my house. We'll definitely be able to get six million then."

There was so

me hesitation in Madeline's eyes.

'If we have to sell both of the houses, we will lose everything. We've lived here for more than 10 years, and we've grown very attached to it. However, it's difficult to get six million dollars in a short time. Perhaps that is the only way.'


At that moment, someone clapped their hands at the gate.

It was Daniel. Dressed in a suit, he joyfully stepped into the house.

"What a deep bond between mother and daughter!"

He had a sinister but enthusiastic smile on his face that made it obvious he was here to stir up some trouble.

Mandy was shocked.

A mixture of conflicting emotions appeared in her eyes.

'How could this scumbag dare to come here?'

"Daniel, how dare you come here? This is the house of the Zhou Family. Get out of here, or I'll call the police."

The moment Madeline saw Daniel, she was so enraged that her face turned pale.

"Auntie, please don't be angry. I just came here to get back what's mine."

With a cynical smirk on the corner of his unruly lips, he threw his suit jacket onto the sofa and then sat on it with his legs crossed.

Mandy pulled back her agitated mother and glared at Daniel.

"What do you want from our house?"

"What do you think?" Daniel shrugged casually with a fearless look in his eyes.

"I don't know, but you'd better get out of here right now." Mandy pointed in the direction of the gate, losing her patience.

Just seeing Daniel's face made her feel sick to the stomach.

'How could such a shameless piece of scum live in this world!'

"Sweetie, you're so stupid. You two are the ones who need to get out," he said, bursting into wild laughter.

As his laughter echoed in the living room, both Madeline and Mandy stood frozen in shock and exchanged bewildered looks.

'We need to get out? When did our house become his?' Mandy couldn't believe it. She thought that Daniel was just being arrogant and delusional.

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