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   Chapter 3 Five Hundred

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Without saying a word, the man in the mask looked at Mandy with a cold smile on his face.

He was confident that he could win her over. And tonight, he wanted to play with her until he was utterly satisfied.

On the other hand, Mandy was unsettled by the strange atmosphere in the room.

As she gently licked her dry lips, a seductive chirp left her mouth. The sound jerked her back to reality.

"I... I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm here. I'm leaving right now."

Although they weren't in close proximity to each other, Mandy felt like she could feel the hot breath coming from the man sitting on the bed.

She didn't dare to linger there even a moment longer. She just wanted to leave as soon as possible. Moreover, the heat she was feeling made her feel more and more uncomfortable.

Feeling dizzy, she unconsciously pulled at her bathrobe as she tried to find an exit. But she had barely taken a few steps when a pair of strong arms gripped her from behind.

Mandy's face turned pale in shock.

The man in the mask tightly clung to her body, making her feel an unprecedented fear.

Smelling the light fragrance on Mandy's body, the man could hardly help himself.

Mandy pushed him away with her elbows, but as soon as she took a step, she fell on the floor. Mandy was on the verge of breaking down.

She wasn't very sober, but she had the vague realization that she had been drugged!

'No way! Absolutely not!'

For 22 years, Mandy had kept her virginity.

Although she and Daniel had been in a relationship for three years, they had never crossed the boundary.

"Sorry, please let me go. I can give you as much money as you want," she said, slurring her words.

She was lying on the ground powerlessly with her head lowered, not daring to look at the man.

At this moment, she didn't even have the strength to stand up. And in her mind, she knew exactly what this man was going to do to her.

The man's arrogant lips suddenly curled up into a sneer.

'Money? She wants to talk about money with me! I guess everyone from the Zhou Family is the

same. Just because they're rich, they think that money can help them in any situation, even in a moment of life or death.'

The man's anger was like a fire that was immediately ignited by Mandy's words. His deep eyes were filled with hatred.

He pulled Mandy up from the floor and flung her onto the bed. Then came the man's gentle kiss. Mandy struggled, but feeling her writhing body under him only drove the man crazier. He tightly locked her in his arms and kissed her harder.

She didn't know when it happened, but sometime during the night, Mandy started to cooperate with him.

As a virgin, she seemed to be obsessed with him. Every time he played with her, she responded with twice as much intensity. He felt like he was integrating her into his body.

It was a night of intense fire and romance.

When Mandy finally woke up the next morning, she felt a splitting headache. Her whole body hurt all over, as if it had been crushed by a car.

Strange room, masked man...

Bit by bit, Mandy recalled what had happened last night.

She threw off the quilt in horror and widened her eyes. On the white sheet, there was a bloodstain.

Mandy's heart trembled slightly and tears welled up in her eyes. The sadness she felt in her heart was hard to describe; she felt like she had lost something dear to her.

On the bedside table was the exquisite mask that the man had been wearing last night. Under the mask, there was a five hundred dollar note.

'What is this? Did that man think I was a product?! Five hundred!'

Mandy couldn't believe that her first time had been worth only five hundred.

Feeling sick about everything that had happened and scared that the man would come back, she quickly put on her clothes and left the room.

Just before she left, she turned around and saw the room number: 1314. This number was like a cruel joke that deeply cut into her heart.

Catching Daniel cheating on her with Celine last night had already been a huge blow to her. But now, after waking up on a strange bed this morning, she felt like her world had collapsed.

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