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   Chapter 881 The First To Reach The Peak

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After leaving Elva something to look forward to, Zachary inquired about the disciple dormitory's address, where Jay and the others had stayed so that he could meet up with him and the rest of his teammates.

When he arrived at the dormitory, the faces of Tracy and the others displayed immense relief to see him at last. They were busy getting themselves acquainted with the challenges involved in the Imperial Level Warrior Contest.

"We're so glad to know you finally made it. Everyone thought you would be late," Vivian fussed.

"Sorry to have kept you all waiting. I took a trip back to the Devil Kingdom first before proceeding here," Zachary responded.

"You went back to the Devil Kingdom? Were you able to visit the Xiao Clan?" Vivian asked out of curiosity.

"I didn't get the chance." Zachary shook his head in reply.

"Well, I just thought you would go back to the Xiao Clan to settle the score with Kemp." Vivian heaved a sigh of relief.

"I will deal with him sooner or later. I'm not in a rush to exact revenge against that guy. But why isn't he here?" Zachary noticed Kemp was not around.

"All of us are also wondering the same thing. He's probably already here, but he doesn't dare to show up just yet. He must be scared that we will prey on him," Tracy butted in.

"Is he being a coward?" Zachary ridiculed.

Tracy and the others looked at one another, and swapped smiles.

"Harley, it's good that you made it on schedule. We are getting ourselves familiar right now with the challenges of the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. Come and take a closer look." Jay motioned for Zachary to come over.

"Sure, I'd want to." Zachary nodded. He then walked up and caught sight of a topographic map of the Sacred Peak on top of a stone table in the courtyard. However, it was different from the regular ones. This particular one was very twisted, and it was apparent to be a mountain map.

"I don't know much about the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. Is there somebody who can enlighten me with it?" Zachary asked in good faith.

"Oh, this contest is distinct from the regular competitions. It doesn't involve a direct encounter between one Imperial Level warrior and another, but it's more of a challenge to one's limit. The content of the challenge for each Imperial Level Warrior Contest i

ting high and mighty.

Seeing that Zachary and the rest had no objection, a warrior at the ninth grade of Imperial Level also nodded his consent.

"Then, who among us should we protect first?" Zachary asked.

"Without any doubt, it should be me." Suddenly, a deep voice sounded.

Zachary and the others looked at the direction where the voice came from and saw Kemp making his way into the disciple dormitory.

"How dare you show your face before us?" Nola scowled and shouted coldly. She subconsciously wanted to make a move, but Tracy stopped her right away.

"Have you stopped being a coward? I thought you were too scared to come!" Vivian scowled in contempt.

"Listen to what you're saying. I'm a decent and respectable man. How can I be a coward?" Kemp pretended to be innocent.

"How dare you say those words! Why did you set Harley up?" Vivian questioned him at once.

"Are you accusing me of framing him? Do you have any evidence to support your claims?" Kemp fired back shamelessly.

"You jerk!" Vivian glared at him.

"Vivian, drop it for now. Let's discuss that after the contest." Despite being the victim, Zachary was calm. He knew Kemp couldn't survive the contest, so he ignored his boldness.

"Since we are all here, let's decide who we should protect to make him reach the peak first!" Jay said in an attempt to change the subject.

"It should be me. Among the five participants, I have the richest experience. If I get to the peak first, I can keep the imperial amulet." Kemp blatantly endorsed himself.

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