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   Chapter 880 A Friend

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"Yes, I know them, more or less," Riley replied carefully.

"I need your help to get some detailed information about the Zi Clan. The more detailed, the better," said Zachary.

"The Zi Clan? From the Enigmatic Kingdom? If I remember right, it is the most rapidly developing clan in the Enigmatic Kingdom in recent years. It has risen to be in par with the other great clans and sects. What's your interest in them?" Riley eyed him suspiciously. Obviously, Zachary was up to something again!

"Don't ask me for my reason, Riley. Just help me inquire about the clan in return for the Hatching Fluid," Zachary replied flatly.

"Of course, I will. After all, you came all the way to deliver the Hatching Fluid. I appreciated the effort," Riley announced, nodding her head.

"Thank you. Once you find something, send someone to Celestial College. I should attend the Imperial Level Warrior Contest there," Zachary reminded, getting ready to leave.

"All right, I'll do that. I will send someone from the Phoenix Pavilion immediately," promised Riley.

"Okay. I will wait for word from you." He got up and left in a hurry after bidding goodbye to her.

"Master Riley, Harley used to be a warrior from the Enigmatic Kingdom. He may be harboring some grudge against the Zi Clan. I'm afraid we may get ourselves involved in unnecessary disputes if we help him," Billy warned uneasily after Zachary left the Phoenix house.

"So what? Are we now afraid of a clan which is not even a superpower? Compared to the huge benefits we reap from the Hatching Fluid, offending a measly clan is no big deal. Moreover, don't forget that Harley is the future son-in-law of the Xiao Clan. Even if he is planning something against the Zi Clan, the Xiao Clan will be the first to get into trouble, not us. We'll make sure of that. But in the meantime, we should ensure Harley's safety while he is in the Enigmatic Kingdom. Head back to the Phoenix Pavilion right away and ask Master Holy Phoenix if she is willing to send a Sage Level warrior and a few Imperial Level warriors to the Enigmatic Kingdom to protect Harley in the pretense of participating in the Imperial Level Warrior Contest." Zachary was the golden goose of the Phoenix Pav

ch with you soon. Look forward to it." Saying so, Zachary turned around to leave.

"Wait!" Elva shouted. In an instant, she appeared behind Zachary. There was so much more she wanted to ask.

However, as her hand touched Zachary's shoulder, he already turned into a shadow and disappeared from her sight.

"Where did he go? Hey!" Elva yelled.

Another figure appeared in the yard. Seeing Elva running around in excitement, she asked curiously, "Elva, what's the matter?"

"Sara! Did you see a man pass by here just now?" Elva asked urgently.

"I didn't. Why? What's going on?" Sara looked at her in confusion.

"You didn't? But I... It couldn't have been an illusion. He said that..." Elva murmured. She looked around, but the man she just saw was nowhere to be seen. He was gone.

"What are you talking about, Elva? Are you okay?" Sara asked with concern.

"Yes, I'm okay. Well, I'm probably just tired." Elva decided not to tell Sara what the mysterious man had told her. Although she trusted Sara, if Zachary was really alive, then this matter was of great importance and should not be easily revealed.

"Let's go. The contest is about to begin. I have to complete my killing martial skill," Sara urged her.

As the youngest top Imperial Level warrior, Sara was representing the Celestial College in the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. She was hoping to get a good ranking in the competition.

Without saying anything further, Elva nodded and left with her.

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