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   Chapter 879 Riley

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"Harley left Crane College last month to cultivate in seclusion. He had asked us not to wait for him, but he should be on his way here," Jay replied calmly.

"Is that so?" Katrina nodded slightly and continued to speak. "I heard that something dire happened in Crane College while he was there for his further studies." She had heard that Zachary had gotten into trouble for killing a Sage Level warrior of the Kong Clan. If she had known about the incident while it was happening, she would have dealt with it in person. To her surprise, she heard that Zachary was saved in time because his master from the Dignified Supernal Sect had appeared out of nowhere in the nick of time. Apparently, she was also a Holy Level warrior. She had forthrightly used the name of the sect to suppress the Kong Clan, shutting them up for good. When she had heard the news, Katrina wondered when Zachary had apprenticed under such a master.

"Regarding the incident at Crane College... Harley was framed, Master Katrina," Jay explained.

"Framed? Who did such a thing?" Katrina's brows furrowed in anger.

Jay and the others looked at each other and then they turned in unison to look at Vivian.

"Master Katrina, it may have something to do with one of the Imperial Level warriors from the Xiao Clan. Once the Imperial Level Warrior Contest is over, I will deal with it myself," Vivian said in a hurry. She was afraid that Katrina would get involved and destroy their clan to get revenge for Zachary. Although Xiao Clan was the second largest clan in the Devil Kingdom, they could not afford to piss off a Holy Level warrior.

"And you are?" Katrina asked as she surveyed Vivian and found that she was only at the primary stage of Imperial Level. She didn't think that Vivian could take part in the contest.

"I am Vivian from the Xiao Clan," she replied with cupped hands.

"Oh, you are the Xiao Clan's daughter who is engaged to Harley." Katrina accessed her from top to bottom.

The crowd too turned to look at Vivian; many of them turned green with jealousy. They had thought that she was only a representative, but didn't expect that she would be the daughter of the Xiao Clan who was engaged to Zach

iciously. After hesitating for a moment, he grabbed the bottle and went inside.

Not long after, Billy came out in a hurry. As soon as he saw Zachary, he cupped his hands and said, "Harley, how are you?"

"Not too bad," Zachary said with a smile.

"This way, please," Billy said immediately.

He followed Billy to the backyard of the Phoenix House and then to the Phoenix Hall.

Riley, who was dealing with business in the Phoenix Hall, immediately dismissed the others and stood up to welcome Zachary.

"You are finally here! I thought you went missing." She was overjoyed. Seeing Zachary again was like a miracle because there had been no news of him till now, which was very concerning. She had even sent out people to look for him everywhere.

"You only care about the Hatching Fluid," Zachary said with a smile.

"What are you talking about? I care about you too," Riley complained, pouting like a kid.

"Here. There are five bottles of Hatching Fluid. It should last for a while."

"Did you come here just to bring me the Hatching Fluid?" Riley asked after ordering Billy to take the bottles without any hesitation.

"There is no fooling you, is there? I do have something to ask of you," Zachary admitted.

"What can I do for you? Tell me," she said simply.

"The Phoenix House has branches in the Supernal Continent. So, you must have good connections and information regarding the clans and sects of the four kingdoms," Zachary said.

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