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   Chapter 878 A Surprising Figure

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"He didn't tell me where he was going. He always keeps his whereabouts a secret, but there's no need to worry about him!" Vivian said, still looking pretty worried despite her upset words.

"Another ten days left before the Imperial Level Warrior Contest begins. As long as he returns before the beginning of the contest, it will not be a problem," said Jay with a slight frown. "I'm still worried about Kemp. Ever since he ran away from Crane College and returned to the Xiao Clan, there hasn't been any news about him."

"Don't worry about that jerk. I know him well. Even after creating all that trouble, he wouldn't miss the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. He will show up sooner or later," Vivian said with certainty.

"Tracy, Nola," Jay said, turning towards them. "When Kemp shows up here, let's deal with him once we are done with the contest. Otherwise, it may end up affecting your performance."

Tracy and Nola exchanged a quick glance. The Imperial Level Warrior Contest was the most important thing to take care of at the moment. Their fight with Kemp needed to be put on hold. At the thought of it, both of them nodded in agreement.

On the other side of the hall was Alisa, who was one among the representative team of Crane College. Every now and then, she stole glances to where Jay and the others stood. After hesitating for a while, she walked over to them.

Seeing Alisa, Jay and the others nodded to her in greeting.

"Is there anything we can do for you, Alisa?" Jay asked, even though he could guess why she had come over to them.

"Ahem. I don't see Harley around. Isn't he here yet?" she asked innocently. She had not seen Zachary since she had woken up from her injuries. Later when she inquired about him, Alisa found that he had left Crane College last month and had not returned since. She had been looking forward to seeing him at the contest venue.

"Harley is yet to arrive. He asked us to leave early. He should be on his way here," Jay replied with a smile.

"Oh really? I see." Alisa had nothing else to say. She walked back in silence.

"I think Alisa is in love with

"I see." Katrina nodded and turned to the leader of Crane College. "What about your college? Is everyone here?"

"All five Imperial Level warriors of our college have arrived," said the leader of Crane College.

"Good," Katrina replied. Then she looked at Jay from the Devil Kingdom and asked, "Why isn't Harley here yet?"

Jay was stunned, and so were the others. They didn't expect that Katrina would call out Zachary's name.

The participants from the other colleges looked at each other in surprise. They had more or less heard rumors about "Harley", especially from warriors of Crane College. Not long ago, he had caused big trouble by killing a Sage Level warrior of the Kong Clan, one of the three main clans in the Vanity Kingdom. However, he was spared unconditionally because of the timely arrival of his master who was at the Holy Level.

Despite the rumors, it was still strange that Katrina called out his name in particular. It seemed like she knew him personally.

Jay and the others understood the reason after some thought. Zachary had originally been a disciple of Celestial College, and it looked like Katrina knew him during that time.

But to those who didn't know this information, the situation seemed most suspicious. They wondered what was going on between Katrina and Zachary. Murmurs erupted in the hall as the crowd started discussing about the different possibilities.

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