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   Chapter 877 The Contest Approaching

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Forged by Gisele's spiritual soul, the ice sword hit the water film, pressing it firmly until it got out of shape, but the sword couldn't break through it with success. After a short pause, the water film started to squirm quickly, surprisingly dissolving the ice sword little by little.

Before long, the Undefiled Beast effectively neutralized Zachary's power. Its pitch-black eyes were impossible to read, and it then charged toward Zachary without showing any indication. A layer of water waves surged behind it, which was growing bigger and climbing higher as if it was going to swallow Zachary straight away.

The ice sword was regarded as Zachary's most decisive weapon of attack. Unfortunately, it also consumed most of his strength. So after just one strike, he could not rerelease its power for a short while, and he couldn't effectively hinder the Undefiled Beast's dominance.

Still, he didn't show any concern because he wasn't facing the beast on his own at this point.

Just as the Undefiled Beast was about to attack Zachary again, several light shadows resembling small wisps descended from the sky and broke through the water film, enclosing all over the beast at once.

The beast never anticipated that Zachary would have some support to back him up. Besides, the energy seemed to be very strong, so it struggled to break away from the light shadows at once. But it was apparent that it couldn't handle the force grappling it.

The situation proved unfavorable for the beast, so its body worked its way to change into water, becoming smaller by the minute. It shifted into a liquid state to escape, and this kind of transformation was one of its unique abilities.

"Do it now!" Suddenly, a gentle voice echoed from midair.

Simultaneously, Zachary had already raced to get to the beast. The Ice Armor on his body glowed as it released an astonishing amount of ice energy. It solidified the water surface within hundreds of meters from his position and restrained the beast's power as well.

A second later, a damask shadow sailed down from the sky and bound itself around the Undefiled Beast's body, converting it back into its original form.

The beast was not yet over and done with Zachary. It glowered at him in rage and discharged a powerful aura of Sage Level like it was going to fight

k to Crane College to meet up with the rest of his teammates. After two days of standing by, since they still needed to go to Celestial College to make the final preparations, Jay, who was in charge of commanding the team, went ahead first with Tracy and the others. He just left Zachary a message to meet up with them at Celestial College.

Almost all the participating Imperial Level warriors had assembled in the Unicorn Hall of Celestial College, including Sage Level warriors. They only received information to gather together and then were asked to proceed there, so they had no clue what was going on. They were busy conversing among themselves about the likely reason.

"Sir, we still haven't heard anything from Harley. Is there something wrong?" Tracy, asked Jay with concern. Harley had directed them to go to Celestial College first if he didn't make it on schedule. Being one of the representatives, if Zachary didn't show up on time, it would be very detrimental to their kingdom.

Although the Imperial Level Warrior Contest was a competition amongst the top Imperial Level warriors, it was also acknowledged as a battle between the four kingdoms. The contest might end up with a single winner, but the kingdom where the warrior came from would strengthen its power and reputation among the four kingdoms. Therefore, during the challenges, representatives from different kingdoms must cooperate and attempt their best to be on top. Only when they became united as a group could they achieve supremacy or they might lose miserably.

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