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   Chapter 875 Need Of An Exception

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"That's true, but if I go too far, I'm afraid the system will react adversely," said Zachary, knowing well that the system was not under his control. Although it usually made exceptions for him, he had to pay a certain price for breaking the norms.

"If you don't even have the guts to do what's necessary, then you can stop dreaming about being my disciple!" Tania threatened in a disdainful tone.

"Okay, all right! I'll give it a try!" he said, nodding immediately, or Tania would continue to look down on him.

"The Imperial Level Warrior Contest will take place in less than two months. You'd better hurry up and break through to the Sage Level before that," she reminded. Tania had placed great hopes on Zachary, and he did not want to let her down.

"Even if I don't break through to the Sage Level, I won't lose," he said confidently.

"It's not as easy as you think. As far as I know, several of the Imperial Level warriors who are participating in the contest have kept their true strength hidden from prying eyes. So, winning the first place is impossible unless you break through to the Sage Level," Tania said with certainty.

"Hidden? What do you mean?" Zachary asked hesitantly. Tania was throwing some hint.

"You'll know when the time comes," she said, deliberately keeping him in the dark. Then she continued, "It's time for me to leave. You should be careful. The Kong Clan may not be willing to give up yet, but as long as you don't give them a chance to attack you from the shadows, they will not be able to harm you."

"After your appearance today, I don't think they would have the guts to do anything," Zachary said with a proud smile. Even though the Kong Clan wanted him dead, they wouldn't dare do anything to him recklessly after knowing that he was being backed by a Holy Level warrior.

"Don't be too complacent now. I'm leaving." Tania gave him a reproachful glare. Then, she rose into the air, quickly turned into a colorful shadow and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Goodbye, Master Tania!" Zachary waved in the direction she had disappeared with a sigh. 'She comes and goes as she pleases,' he thought with a dry laugh.

Soon after, he went back to Crane College since he was still worried about Alisa.

After finding the attic where she lived, he sneaked in without making any noise.

e from me, not unless he decides never to come back to the Xiao Clan again," Zachary snorted in disdain.

Seeing the anger on Zachary's face, Jay and Tracy looked at each other and knew at once that Kemp had dug his own grave.

However, Zachary had no time to waste on Kemp at the moment. He had to catch the third elite treasure beast, so he told Jay and the others that he would be cultivating for the next month and that if he didn't come back on time, they should go to the Imperial Level Warrior Contest without him.

Then, Zachary went back to his cave and entered the system.

"Mimi, I have decided to catch the third elite treasure beast. But this one is difficult to deal with. Can I take Anne with me for assistance?" Zachary asked coyly.

"No," Mimi replied immediately.

"Why not? Can't you make an exception for me this time? I'm going to catch an elite treasure beast of Sage Level. At least let me bring a bodyguard!" He tried to persuade Mimi.

"I cannot allow it according to the rules of the system," Mimi emphasized.

"The rules are set by the system, so they can also be changed by the system. If I fail to catch the third elite treasure beast, I won't be able to win the championship at the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. If that happens, don't blame me for not working hard enough! And remember that if I don't win the championship, further development of the main quest would be impacted negatively as well, which would have other repercussions. I don't think the system would want that to happen!" Zachary said defiantly.

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