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   Chapter 874 Healing Reviving Skill

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"Yes, I assume you are talking about the Healing Reviving Skill. It is an exclusive skill of our race," the Fighting Crane said, nodding its head nostalgically.

"Will you teach me that skill?" Zachary requested politely.

"By principle, I am not allowed to. However, I'm the only descendant of our race left in this world. Decades ago, my corporeal body vanished into nothingness because of the law of the world, and now I exist only in the spiritual soul form. Without an heir, I'm afraid the skill will be lost forever. It must be destiny that you and I have met today; I will consider you as my heir and impart you the knowledge behind the Healing Reviving Skill. But remember, this skill goes against the will of heaven. So, when you try to revive a person or a beast, you will have to pay a huge price in return," the Fighting Crane warned.

"What price?" Zachary asked curiously.

"Your own body will serve as the oblation," the crane said in a grave tone.

"What do you mean?" Zachary's eyes narrowed.

"I'm saying that you must be mentally prepared for the possibility of losing a part of your body every time you use this skill," the Fighting Crane answered after hesitating for a moment.

"Well, that sounds a little scary." Zachary's expression changed slightly.

"Do you still want to learn it?" the Fighting Crane asked.

Zachary turned to look at Tania and nodded immediately. "Yes, I do." It was Tania's wish to learn this skill, so as her disciple, it was his duty to fulfill her wish.

"You're a brave young man. Don't worry, as long as the skill is not used to bring back the dead to life, you will not have to pay such a hefty price. Use it only to cure people or beasts. Besides, there are other benefits from learning this skill as well," the Fighting Crane advised.

"Other benefits?" Zachary asked.

"Yes. Once you cultivate this skill, you will possess an almost immortal body. Unless your spiritual soul is destroyed, even a Holy Level warrior will not be able to kill you," the crane explained.

"Immortal body? Are you saying I will live forever?" Zachary asked incredulously.

"No, you will not. Even I couldn't escape the law of heaven and earth in the end, but it is certain that you can live longer," it answered.

"That's mo

It will help with your cultivation."

"But you so badly wanted to learn the Healing Reviving Skill..." Zachary mused.

"Nonsense! Just keep it!" Tania scolded impatiently.

"All right." Zachary couldn't argue with her anymore.

"You have reached the eighth grade of Imperial Level, right?" she asked.

"Yes." Zachary nodded.

"I have a few rare Imperial Level treasures. Take them for your cultivation. They should be able to help you break through to the ninth grade of Imperial Level in a short amount of time. Besides, you should soon get ready to catch the Undefiled Beast, the third elite treasure beast which can produce the rare treasure used to break through to the Sage Level," Tania instructed.

"I don't think that will be an easy task," he murmured with a frown.

"No need to fret. Although the Undefiled Beast is only at the first grade of Sage Level, it will still be rather difficult to handle alone. You should take Anne with you," she suggested.

"I'm afraid I can't do that!" Zachary knew that the system had restrictions on Anne, so she could not leave the system.

"Don't be a fool! Just use some kind of trick, okay?" Tania rebuked, hitting him on his arm.

"What tricks?" he asked, confused by her sudden outburst.

"I am still not sure what this so-called system is, but I know that it is a special existence and it is closely related to you. If you insist on breaking a few rules, I'm pretty sure that it cannot really stop you from doing it anyway," she said with a smirk.

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